How to Create Water Reflections With Realistic Ripples in Photoshop

Photoshop Tutorial : in this video i will show you how to make water reflections from scratch, with realistic reflections and ripples.
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Softwares Used:
Photoshop cc, cc 2014, 2015
Photoshop cs3, cs5, cs6,
After Effects cs5
Camtasia Studio

Believer (YouTube Library)

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  2. everytihing was fine until using the Vibrance tool on the Haze it says that it is unavaible for unknown reason?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Please help

  3. sadly this didn't work for me at all. I followed all steps and nothing. my file was much bigger I guess and tried 2 options and still nothing :/

  4. Thank you! This tutorial helped me a lot

  5. i really enjoyed this thank you

  6. Thank you! Great explanation!

  7. Excellent tutorial. Very educational. Thanks for sharing!

  8. wtf when i try saving the ripples, it said ive more than 2 gigabytes and i cant save my water ripples.


  10. It worked for me but I think I messed up.. My image size is very large and I think I might need some experimenting to get the perfect values

  11. Best tutorial for this, thank you!

  12. Thanks alot! very helpful

  13. YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!! TY SO MUCH

  14. LOVE_UH_BRO …..
    GodBless you__😘😘😘


  16. Thanks for this great tutorial 😉

  17. down to t bad (ur tutorial was great btw)

  18. it wont let me select the displacement map

  19. This looks awesome but unfortunately photo shop keeps changing the location of their buttons. I have photoshop on the cloud. I can't find the channels (3:22) for all the different colors when trying to stylize the edge

  20. how to install water reflection action

  21. (with different technique)

  22. This is the best. This helped so much with my Art Course Work. Easy to understand for beginners, too.

  23. I followed the instructions but my reflection layer didn't show the drop down addition of blur and smart object to the layer even though I did it. When I applied the distortion to the reflection it was only a slight warp nothing like yours or a reflection. Any ideas where I went wrong Cheers

  24. Great trick – thank you for this tutorial….

  25. Cannot use the transform tool whilst in the layer????

  26. Nice work! Well done!

  27. Wonderful! Thank you! 🙂

  28. Excellent and speedy analysis. Thanks for the video 🙂

  29. Loving your channel. Thank you so much for all you share. I have learned
    a great deal from many of your videos. Is there any chance of getting a
    tutorial on flowing/pouring water from one container to another?

  30. wow this help me a lot thanks

  31. i felt cringy seeing you not using shortcuts but great video, helped me with my photography work

  32. Thank you teacher

  33. 1:50 when I do reposition of 2 pictures sometimes i get cutted picture cuz both of them cant fit on the size of the area so i miss for example part of the roof. How to extend area of the picture? I think its the canvas size i guess

  34. this is really great 🙂

  35. Anybody having problems with saving ripple displacement psd, set the image size to 300 by 700 and your job will be done! have a good day!

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