Week 8 of the NFL season is officially in the books and Colin Cowherd is ready to unveil his top 10 teams in the league. Check out who he has in this week’s Herd Hierarchy.
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The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a three-hour sports television and radio show on FS1 and iHeartRadio. Every day, Colin will give you his authentic, unfiltered opinion on the day’s biggest sports topics.
Herd Hierarchy: Colin’s Top 10 NFL teams after 2019-20 Week 8 | NFL | THE HERD
The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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  1. Tim Hardaway Reply

    How did the cowboys go from out of the top ten to number five with a bye week? I’m a Dallas fan but this makes no sense

  2. Nick Miller Reply

    the vikings completely controlled the redskins the whole game, how did they struggle to beat them in any way

  3. Justus Dittemore Reply

    Ngl the Pats at three literally took me a second to comprehend what I was seeing

  4. sam olivarez Reply

    Look look look, I’m a humongous Cowboys fan. But how did we get back into the top 10 on a byeweek?

  5. Patriots suddenly don't absolutely demolish a team while playing in a fricking monsoon and are somehow drop from 1 to 3. lol. 49er's are DAMN GOOD though.

  6. Manuel Shaul Reply

    I’m a saints fan. Colin stop it 4-3 struggling Dallas at 5 you putting who you like instead of who deserve it Dallas not even top ten and didn’t the colts beat the chiefs and Texans and how the rams on the list and not Seattle. Isn’t rams like 3 rd in that division behind Seattle and San Fran. Com on Colin.

  7. Dallas lost to a winless Jets. How can they be top5 and haven't beat a playoff contender except eagles who might not make it this year.

  8. Colin said the Vikings struggled but didn’t punt I’m confused, it’s called game management buddy. This guy is awful like Dallas number 5 wtf lol

  9. Sean O'Leary Reply

    He says that the pats don’t have any dynamic weapons. Who do the niners have outside of Kittle?

  10. I'm sick of seeing Dallas so high when they perpetually underperform. Their franchise value is the ONLY thing that keeps them in these top ten lists. Any small market team playing like this would be ranked 15 or below

  11. Faithful Collections Reply

    The 49ers coming outta nowhere. Love it. 2nd to last place last year, undefeated this year at the halfway point. They're finally getting that attention they deserve

  12. burneveryabc Reply

    10. Texans
    9. Colts
    8. Ravens/Vikings
    6. Rams/Packers
    4. Chiefs
    3. Niners
    2. Saints
    1. Patriots

    Think this is more accurate.

  13. Tyler Fearrin Reply

    I'm convinced the media is trolling the colts. We beat KC & Houston, but we aren't a top 10 team

  14. Smith-Mundts Modernization Act (Look into it) Reply

    Damn look at Bosa arms! They sure don't take long to get them on the gear in the big leagues huh?

  15. Jason Ortiz Reply

    This idiot put the Patriots 3rd because The Browns scored on them i want to see him put the 49ers 3rd now because the Cardinals scored 25 on them.

  16. Rodrigo lemus Reply

    Rams haven't surrendered a sack in 2 weeks, but they've played the Falcons and Bengals. Of course they havent surrendered a sack lol

  17. Colts are not on here because of QB. For some reason all good teams magically suck all of a sudden against the Patriots.

  18. Benjamin Spankowski Reply

    I bet San Francisco ends up with 4 losses this season.

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