Herd Hierarchy: Colin’s Top 10 NFL teams after 2019-20 Week 4 | NFL | THE HERD

Colin Cowherd shares his Herd Hierarchy after a busy Week 4 of the NFL season.

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The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a three-hour sports television and radio show on FS1 and iHeartRadio. Every day, Colin will give you his authentic, unfiltered opinion on the day’s biggest sports topics.

Herd Hierarchy: Colin’s Top 10 NFL teams after 2019-20 Week 4 | NFL | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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  1. Are the Chiefs the best team currently in the NFL?

  2. last week he had the cowpies number 3. i dont get it. the lions should be in the top 10 and the cowboys should be bout 20. cowboys suck as usual but colin has to suck them off as always

  3. This is the second top 10 list with the Eagles within the top 6. How is a 2-2 team even in the top 10? Yet so many 3-1 teams are outside the top 10. I'm so tired of these biased analysts placing the fan favorite teams in whatever spot they want.

  4. this is a really great ranking, however, the lions should be where the 49ers are at #9

  5. Now if the browns beat the niners I want them on this list

  6. The disrespect on the bears… smh

  7. Until the Patriots lose to the Chiefs you can't rank the chiefs higher.

    Also Bills over Bears in the top 10 is insanity. Many others have them in top 5.

  8. Yeah cool don’t even mention Detroit even tho they beat Philly and lost on the last play to his “no.1” KC. What a joke

  9. Bruh how are you gonna put the Pats at two claiming their offense is bad when the Chiefs nearly lost against the Lions for Christ sake. patriots downsides are less than the Chiefs downsides as of this week

  10. Cowboys are a joke they haven't beaten a real team this idiot has them at 5

  11. How are eagles 2-2 yet #4? What a pos colin is

  12. No Houston ?? Hmmm but the packer, eagles & The 49ers.

    Colin has said before that he has people watch the game for him & report to him for notes. You can tell he doesn’t watch the games lol.

  13. Can someone see how many "hail" games the Chiefs have had in the last 10 years? According to Colin the Chiefs play in hail 6 times a year.

  14. I have to start watching Seahawks games , Russel came out of Wisconsin and i like him but i don't watch there games because i hate the team after they blocked my Packer team from going back to back Superbowls. I know Collin is a Seahawk fan so idk if he is in love with Russel because of that or if he is that good.

  15. all season:”ravens are the real deal” “lamar jackson can play” then they get cooked and won’t admit he’s wrong

  16. He forgot to put Detroit in his top 10.

  17. Lions, without Slay, Diggs, Amendola, or Mike Daniel, so nearly lose to the chiefs, who you put at #1. They shut down Mahomes and he threw no touchdowns. They beat your #4 Philadelphia eagles. You can’t even put the lions in your top 10?

  18. "Their coaching is too good" How can a team's coaching be too good? LMAOOOO

  19. Its official….Colin Cowherd is on the dope for not putting DA BEARS his top 10

  20. The Bills is a poormans version of the Bears. Bears defense is better. Allen is somehow worse than Trubisky. And the rest of the Bears offense is better than the Bills. Yet, he’s big on them? 😂

  21. The bills are better then the bears gtfoh

  22. The Bears have the best defense in the NFL, and the defense is absolutely destroying every team they face. The fact that the Packers make #6 and the Bears arent even mentioned is a joke

  23. Panthers with the no. 1 defense and rusher and arent even top 10. Granted they're 2-2 but Cam couldn't play properly in those games

  24. We all know the Lions are 11. Stupid fumble return, stupid timeout.

  25. I didn't know Andy Read was the offensive coach of the saints, HE AIN'T IDIOT, GET YA S..T RIGHT COLLIN

  26. "Would New England win without Brady?" Yes, it has been proven.

  27. It's all about cowherd, he is the really star just ask him

  28. The secondary isn't the issue for the Chiefs, its stopping the run.

  29. Hey Colin I’m wondering you still think the Texans are better then the saints?

  30. The best defense isnt in the top ten? That's ok, Bears will keep eating

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