Herd Hierarchy: Colin’s Top 10 NFL teams after 2019-20 Week 12 | NFL | THE HERD

Week 12 of the NFL season is officially over and Colin Cowherd is ready to rank his top 10 teams. Hear who Colin has in his weekly Herd Hierarchy.
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The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a three-hour sports television and radio show on FS1 and iHeartRadio. Every day, Colin will give you his authentic, unfiltered opinion on the day’s biggest sports topics.
Herd Hierarchy: Colin’s Top 10 NFL teams after 2019-20 Week 12 | NFL | THE HERD
The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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  1. Who is the best team right now in the NFL?

  2. I am a Seahawks fan but I think they are too high.
    They played awful against the mediocre Eagles.
    Wilson had such a bad game period. It was Penny and Defense who won them the game. But this game had 2 more TD for Seattle and they didnt catch them.

  3. Dallas: We are 6-6 after losing at home on Thanksgiving.

    Colin: Listen, they have the worst kicker in the league, I think they're still great. #5.

  4. Colin: Dak is great he is phenomenal, Kirk cousins can’t win big games

    Dak: 0-5 against winning teams

  5. Who’s here after the bills beat the cowboys

  6. OOF! Cowboys still at 7 after that thumping by the Bills? They haven't even won a game this year against a team better than .500! You need to quit your job, you're terrible at it.

  7. I’m a Bears fans but the Cowboys over Greenbay is stupid 😂

  8. besides the cowboys being pretty overhyped… tell you the truth, this was actually a very solid top 10 from colin.

  9. The pats are #1 in power rankings but even as a pats fan I know we’re top 3 at best

  10. By the way Colin talks about the Vikings, you would never guess where he ranks them.

  11. I'm curious if at this point Colin still thinks RW is MVP over Lamar.

    Also, not allowing a team to go over 400 yards in 23 straight games sounds more impressive than it is. Only 2 teams this year average over 400 ypg, and the best offense the Bills have faced were the Browns at #15 and the Patriots at #17. Every single other opponent is #23 or worse. They've played the lowest of the low offenses this year.

  12. I don't understand how you can put the Patriots at 4!!? Yeah they don't have that many weapons but the've won 6 superbowls with not that many weapons. You know they'll find a way and do just enough to get over the line. And the defense might be the best they've ever had. Until they actually lose some games you have to put them either first or second. Putting them 4th is kinda insulting and stupid cause we all know when the playoffs come they'll be there. A few weeks ago everybody said the Chiefs were the best and Mahommes was the MVP guaranteed and today everyone says Lamar Jackson is the MVP guaranteed and the Ravens are the best. But in the end the Patriots are gonna be in the Superbowl again.

  13. So Rodgers has been ok with a 100 quarterback rating. What's Brady been with an 88?

  14. Do you even watch football?

  15. Colin's top 10 is officially better than ESPN's because at least he got #1 right

  16. 6:35 yeah he doesn't have a Davante Adams but he has a George Kittle and he plays on a team that runs the ball first. That will tend to inflate your comp % a bit considering you throw less passes.

  17. C'mon colin how you drop the saints from 2 to 6 after a win

  18. So, somehow this ISN'T a "trap game" for the Quiefs???

  19. as a Saints fan,
    I understand… but i would argue that they haven't peaked YET

    and also, Saints > Vikings (even currently)

  20. saints are top 5 even if they relax

  21. Dallas in top 10, wtf, that's ridiculous.

  22. aaron Rodgers does not have a "great receiving corps". They have Adams and a bunch of nobody's who were dropping footballs left and right in SF. Also, their running game isn't really worth mentioning. Jones is hanging in there with Adrian Peterson right now.

  23. The Ravens is the best

  24. Colin, you need to check in with Lenny 'Nails' Dykstra–he has a risky investment opportunity for you!

  25. How the f he got dallas even on the list. And at number 7. Hes nuts

  26. His only argument agaisnt the Vikings was kirk cousins who happens to be playing at an MVP level. Smh

    Edit: not saying kirk will win the mvp because he wont. Just saying he is playing out of his mind

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