Episode debut: Aug 29, 2008
Since Machinima deleted all of their videos, I’m in process of finding all of the old Top 10 Series episodes and will be uploading everything I can find.

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  1. lol Anoj I remember sending u my clip (#5) on H3F… how has it been 11 years? Yikes.

  2. FairlyUnknown Reply

    I remember these like it was yesterday… holy fluff. I specifically remember after seeing clip 9 on Guardian, I jumped on Halo after the video to try to no-scope with the sniper just like he did in the clip… it didn't turn out well but wow, what memories.

  3. derkatwork33 Reply

    Welcome back anoj, even if it’s only for the old videos. If they come out again, I’d rewatch them.

  4. And are these reuploads of the original content from like a decade ago?

  5. Damn I still remember the day Anoj stopped doing the voice overs 😭

  6. RawrImABush Reply

    I was on one of these but I don’t remember which episode it was so long ago 😢

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