Guapdad 4000 – “Gucci Pajamas” feat. Chance The Rapper & Charlie Wilson [Official Video]

Guapdad 4000 – “Gucci Pajamas” feat. Chance The Rapper & Charlie Wilson [Official Video]
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Prod. The Stereotypes

Director: Matt Zolly
Cinematographer: Russ Fraser
Producer: Chris Cranston
Production Designer: Frankie Latina
Movement Choreographer / AD : Sara Silkin
Stylist: Gigi Fernandez
Casting: Esprit Casting and Jonathan Buckley
Editor: Chaz Smedley
Colorist: Matt Osborne
Production Company: Snow Beach
Executive Producer: Matt Zolly and Sam Lancaster
Mgmt: Twnshp Management

#Guapdad4000 #ChanceTheRapper #GucciPajamas

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  1. I’m sure you watched this video and had as much fun as I did making it . If you REALLY see what I can do. Support the fuck out of this shit . STREAM.LIKE.SUBSCRIBE.

  2. Charlie fucking wilson bitch

  3. rubs dog against big black c… corn

  4. rubs dog against big black c… cord

  5. I thought he was Micheal B Jordan from black panther in the music vid or is it?

  6. I love it more men should do this yesss!!😋

  7. I like how chance came in the vid like Tim Allen's neighbor when you never saw his face in non of the episodes, but then he stepped up.


  9. Bro I was here at 100 views lol god damn

  10. I cant believe i just listened to a whole song about a girl stealing pyjamas 😂, genius and unique concept tho.

  11. Played this for my grandma and she said this is a jam

  12. Video and song is🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  13. this dude about to have 10 baby mommas

  14. Nobody: …
    Me: Add This Shit To My Playlist lol

  15. Almost at a million

  16. i bet chance wrote this whole song

  17. They copied Austin Powers the movie

  18. This nigga got butt naked like D'Angelo. He gotta blow by any means necessary.

  19. Whoever let him walk around naked and have a girl eat sushi off him in they mansion is one dope friend.💀 Cause hell nahhh.

  20. 3:16 Charlie blessed the food so well the fly had to come out and show love.

  21. Trees lowkey feature ?👀

  22. " Did I actually buy the shit, no " lmaoo finamtana

  23. They switched sides of the fence a couple times.

  24. had this happen before…….. but it was my raybans.. salty af til this day.

  25. Charlie Wilson been killing
    Got lately,especially with earthquake😪🤮🔥

  26. This song is terrible, gimme back the life I wasted listening to the first 60 seconds

  27. I feel guilty watching a minor . Not feeling this🙄

  28. Finally! A song about gucci pajamas!

  29. que onda do carai mano

  30. Chance features are always amazing even when his albums are trash.

  31. Stumbled my way here from ROTD3…. Boy am i fuking HAPPY about that lol

  32. 1:35 you clearly see its not a different backyard LOL

  33. Producer: so in how many shots do you wanna be naked?

    Guapdad: Yes

  34. Bruh pops off here and on YBN Cordae’s song

    Why can’t we have nice things?

  35. Why are women taking his damn pajamas that's just plain rude

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