Getting TOP 10 in Ranked Master Ball Tier Pokemon Sword Shield WiFi Battles

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Mainly on my channel, I like to post a lot of competitive Pokemon Sword & Shield wifi battles and competitive Pokemon Showdown videos with Pokemon teams from you guys or/and different unique Pokemon teams I come up with!
I’ll be doing Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Wifi Battles and Shiny hunting in my live streams and videos!
Hopefully, you guys will enjoy this as the best Pokemon channel :}
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  1. rental code for team coming soon 😉

  2. I was standing 125 yesterday. I went to sleep, today Im was 245. Went to my Girlfriend's now Im 400. Fuck that RANKED !!

  3. Do you EV train/grind in S&S?

  4. Why use normal Dmax char instead of Gmax?

  5. At 6:41, how was Aegislash supposed to be faster than Hatterene? Aegislash is slow, and trick room wasn’t in play, so how was shadow ball going to hit first if Hatterene didn’t switch out and just used Max Flare?

  6. PkHex… PkHex everywhere…

  7. Can u tell me about your arcanine?

  8. You're really motivating me into getting back into competitive. Maybe I can be master rank too!

  9. Grats Viz on top 10 , keep up the great work and I love the content

  10. Welcome to the Champions Club
    forsenCD Clap

  11. Low 1400s with frosmoth lol

  12. how did he get so many lvl 100 mons so fast? I barely have 1 team of 100's

  13. I don't know why he didn't just Fire Punch the shit out of Corviknight when he could have ended the Hydriegon without Belly Drum. That play just made me hurt

  14. subscribed for the 200 I.Q predicts and gastrodon sweeps

  15. Congrate
    When I saw you got to 12 from 14 I was thinking "ah crap, he's gonna lose til he's out of 50" and turn off the stream.
    but u made it
    damm boi

  16. Congratulations on the huge accomplishment Viz!

  17. 16:20 Glad I was here to watch it, It was so disappointing thinking you would go from 14 to top 10 and not get in on the first match 🙁

  18. Ganggggggggg 😆😆

  19. So cool to see Lanturn in a High Rank match. <3

  20. Stantler is number 1

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