Galaxy Note 10 Plus: Top 10 Problems / Biggest Issues And How To Fix Them!

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  1. Except for lags, are these problems or do people just need to learn how to use the phone?

  2. Anyone hearing rattling noise when shaking note10 plus plz reply

  3. I hate the proximity sensor and i havent figured out how to turn it off

  4. When I open apps I get messages all the time that I am offline but I am not offline. Any type of fix for this?

  5. Alright dude I knew you were full of s*** when you said that the note 10 plus fingerprint is better than the note 9

  6. My S10+ is lagging on games and streaming to my tv through Chromecast. What do you recommend for these issues?

  7. The FUCKING GIFs are broken

  8. I have note 10 and no issues yet I'm loving this device

  9. My note 10 plus is overheating when using Google duo do you know why can you help with that?

  10. When I try to login to my samsung account it says " procesing failed" please help

  11. When I got my phone I blue toothed my information to new phone. At top left navigation there is double icons and clock. Old things from other phone. just on home screen it's over top my new nagavation bar with wrong battery info as well as time. I cannot figure out how to correct this. Once I open phone I have correct info. Please help.

  12. Touch sensitivity did not work for me. It worked fine until the stupid update. I re-did it several time and it kept telling me to press finally let me finish with my finger print and I registered it twice. Now it says no match. 🤬

  13. My .ok google.. refuses to respond.

  14. Only one issue i cant resolve….low battery notification sound. Would love to be able to silence the sound only.

  15. Only problem im having is that when i open an app it jumps off and back in quickly… want to know whats the issue with that

  16. I'm confused on how are you guys getting these problems I've never experience one

  17. Guys, seriously, DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE. it's nothing more than a bug infested piece of shit.

  18. Very helpful, thank you

  19. my note 10 plus work bad slow heat low service somefunction not work oh ? really sad with all those issued!

  20. my note 10 plus work bad slow heat low service somefunction not work oh ? really sad with all those issued!

  21. Does anyone uses google photos, for some reason i realise it takes days for a back up to complete when u record a video, if I take pictures i finds to backs up very quickly but video is another story, on the other hand my note 4 back up very quicker regardless if I take a video. So something is wrong with the note 10 when u backing up a video using google photos.

  22. Where can i find that wallpaper?

  23. Hello! My akg earphone just updated and after that the icon on the phone that appears everytime I connect the earphones doesn't show up anymore. Is this normal? I am using Note 10+. Other users doesn't seem to have that problem.

  24. Exporting edited video from movie maker apps such as VivaVideo, VlogU, etc., has POOR resolution.
    Exporting HD 720, HD 1080 or 4K from the apps will be automatically resized to very poor resolution 683×384 or below.
    Appreciate if you can give advise on how to fix this issue either you reply from this comment or make a video (I would love to share if you can make a video on it). I tried to check the settings & from the internet but I'm not able find out.

  25. thanks really useful video!
    1. anyone faced with android auto/mirrorlink issues while connecting to the car screen?
    2. Screen mirroring doesn't work with chromecast as well (but casting video from supported apps is working fine)…

  26. I'm having problems with my data . Even if I have good connections. Anyone know why??

  27. What case is that? Its looks pretty durable, what brand is it?

  28. My note 10+ drains battery when not being used

  29. The only issue I have is mms take a long time to send through wifi. But right when I turn off wifi the image will send right away.. still cant figure out how to fix it

  30. My phone randomly does a screen swipe when I'm using it. It doesnt take a screenshot but will swipe a black screen the go back to normal. It does it when watching videos and makes the video small and goes to the home screen. Anyone else have this issue?

  31. my volume for a call doesn't work when my phone is bluetoothed to my car or bluetooth headphones

  32. This video is a west of time.. sorry

  33. 5:48 how do I put apps into my app draw ? All my apps are just on my home screen for some reason

  34. Download booster is stuck in ON mode. Slider option to turn off is shaded over and no longer available as an option.( can anyone help?)

  35. Got my first issue. Screen now has a yellow hue when looking at anything with a white background

  36. Hi, I was wondering why my sumsong note 10+have issues in the airplane when iam trying to use the wifi?

  37. Love my note 10+ but I am having with the phone randomly changing to a global network setting? As well as poor signal strength, any suggestions. Great video's keep them coming

  38. Thanks for report those many issues , I'm gonna buy a huawei

  39. Edge lighting does not work for Mail when phone is locked.
    Smart alert does not work.

    Android will never be as good as iOS and that’s a fact of life.

  40. Note 10 or s10 plus? I like those screen sizes the best. Dont like the note only has 2880×1080 display but love the overall look of it.

  41. how to fix the issue on my samsung note 10?
    i keep on receiving a pop up message that says

  42. Samsung still having lag issues in 2019? I’m so glad I ditched android after the s8+

  43. Totally disappointed although I am a great fan of Samsung Note since Note II.
    1. It takes about 20 seconds sometimes to open YouTube on over 100mbps internet speed.
    2. Battery drains quickly on my Note 10 plus. If I optimize performance I can be certain YouTube won't open.
    Honestly this is the first time I lose confidence in Samsung's what I thought it is the best phone ever.

  44. Can't seem to connect (bluetooth)my note 10+ to my radio

  45. How to get samsung pay app on note 10, It does not show up, not in samsung store and play store! And s pen does not show how % of battery. And by reset the phone there is no difference.

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