Follow Top 10 Pro Style High School QB as He Leads His Team in HUGE Rivalry Game

Follow University of Washington commit, Ethan Garbers, as he leads his team vs. San Clemente.

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  1. This team they played is 0-13

  2. Still better than the Bengals

  3. Millionaire family, comes from a school with 2 or 3 black students…he's already earned the respect of washington players. lol

  4. Awesome vid

  5. Listen kid if you really wanna win you will come to Ohio state. As we all can see they are the best team and programme. Washington ain't done shit and will never do shit as long as the Buckeyes are breathing.

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  7. What is a pro style quarterback now. Its changing quickly style wise look at Lamar Jackson

  8. They look like the rowing crew from Duke…

  9. This guy was such a dweeb on Elite 11

  10. It’s like watching the OC or some shit

  11. 6 seconds into the video and a big hit OK👏🤙

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