Fix Skin Tones with One Button in Photoshop!

A Powerful Trick to Get the Perfect Skin Tones with Just One Button in Photoshop! Using advanced sampling, learn how to use the Curves Adjustment Layer to create custom samples, and apply them to the skin.

Hope this tutorial helps. Thank you so much for watching 🙂

1. Sample Image:
2. Finished PSD: (Only for our Patreon Family)
3. Skin Color Palette:

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  1. How to fix skin tone, but in lowlight… When i color grading the lowlight image, the skin or face always same tones to backgraound color..?

    Sorry for my english

  2. Broe thanks for every tutorial it helps since am doing this for 3 weeks now and am happy with the results

  3. Why your teaching really straight to the points…>Coool!!

  4. But that's giving the new colour to the whole pic, not just the skin.

  5. clear and to the point …..But boy do you talk so fast make the pace a bit more gentle ,,Where are you in a hurry to

  6. That is so crazy, I'm blown away. That step takes hours off. Another amazing bonus tip.

  7. I always get a issue related to skin tones I work on skin the skin tone becomes little dark.. to to change the tone of skin from dark to fair

  8. anyone here a graphics designer? photoshop is confusing the hek outta me

  9. Does before and after really have much difference, since i color blind i cannot see the difference

  10. Spoiler alert, it’s more than one button 🙂

  11. this would be a great help for me, thanks a lot!

  12. Man….you are incredible!

  13. You are God sent! So incredibly helpful. I’m so thankful I found your channel.

  14. its perfect, but fake @before and @after

  15. Photo is turning blue when I clicked on skin after setting skin color from skin palette. I don't know why it happens.

  16. Lovin this man's brows.

  17. Do you have a skin color palette for darker tones?

  18. your the master of photoshop

  19. For some reason my numbers are not the same

  20. Where is the original picture of this female model?

  21. Thanks Bro <3

  22. Vhy do speak so bloody fast ,Vat do you think you everyone can understand you W does not sound the same as V

  23. Which computer did you use?

  24. 3 minutes to learn and i'll probably use this all the time now

  25. Her skin looks too red. I know a better way. Just white balance on the eye.

  26. Great tutorial, but extremely click bait title. Don't say it's one button when it's literally not.

  27. Man you are the MASTER ! Thxxxx

  28. When he dropped it at 1:47

    Me: bitch whaaaat

  29. Supper sir I like this

  30. I feel you're tweaking perfect photos beforehand to fix it later perfectly 😉

  31. phänominal

    I see you are a photoshop specialist!

    A master.

    This simple skin tone adjustment is impressive.

    now a stupid question is synonymous with other programs so easy?

    Example Affinety photo or Adobe photoshop elements

    or just other programs that do not require a subscription.

    Greetings Marioooooo

  32. Thanks Unmesh for your guidance in bringing the skin tone very easily. God bless you with more knowledge and happiness.

  33. This guy might as well be singing his photoshop instructions, hes a photoshop lyrical genius! Such a pleasure to learn from!

  34. You are the best man!

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