Excel 2010 Data Entry Form

Find and use the data entry form in Excel 2010. The data entry form was removed from the Ribbon in Excel 2010. Add it to a toolbar to make it accessible and greatly improve your data entry.

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  1. Thank you so much sir… For this Information

  2. your voice is too slow !!

  3. nice but your voice is very low we cannot hear anything instead i have put the volume highest.In first I thought that you are speaking Spanish.

  4. Good day Sir!
    your voice in the video is too low. Anyways this tutorial is very very good. 5 stars.

  5. Thank You! Great aid. Just getting through adding forms to the toolbar was elusive until I watched your video.

  6. Thank you…you just saved me hours of work!

  7. Cheers. Very good. You made it look too easy. It will be now!

  8. Your headers should ideally be positioned in the top row and formatted different to the other data in the list

  9. This great. thanks for sharing. The problem I have when using data form in Excel 2010 is that I always get a message "Microsoft cannot determine which row in your list or selection contains column labels, which are required for this command."
    I have no idea why I get this. Can anyone help? Thanks!

  10. any one help me
    in data entry work
    i copy data on webpage and paste it to excel
    but i copy multiple data on webpage to paste it on excel any one
    help me .

  11. god bless you! i have been trying to figure this out all day

  12. Thanks – that was what I needed

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