Essen Top 10: Games We HOPE Are Good

Brought to you by Pandasaurus Games, join the fellas as they share their Top 10 games at Essen Spiel 2019 that they haven’t played yet, and hope they are good!!

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  1. Sarahs Vision is done by an Insurance Company

  2. Booth numbers. Good call. Thanks!

  3. Kingsburg: The Dice Game? I'm waiting for Carcassonne: The Tile Laying Game

  4. What a great Dad joke !! Go SAM

  5. I've worked in the oilfield industry and can confirm that offshore and onshore rigs run on wind and solar power. These rigs are so isolated, they need self-sufficient power generation.

  6. Regarding "So, you've been Eaten"…. if all the players get eaten, THEN there would be zero players left.

  7. I have always loved how tiny Dale of Merchants is… I often use it for travel. I backed the new one because it is such a good game… but I may take the insert out and store the first two inside with their boxes. I wanted those new animals though. 🙂

  8. A game that is good both coop and competitive? Mage Knight.

  9. Name one?
    Every good Traitor game (BSG, DoW, SoC, etc.)

    It hurts worse getting wrecked when you're arrogant, doesn't it?

  10. Why does Sam's audio always cut out for a little bit on his numbers when they transition from the group to the slide? It's distracting.

  11. "Make it one or the other!" (Co-op vs competitive)

    Hard disagree. You fellas might not think any game has done both well, but fans of one type or the other type are going to disagree on which a game has done well. Why not have a product that appeals to two groups instead of one? Its like solomode. Different customer, new sale opportunity. The modes aren't there for one gamer to love all the modes, they are there for different players to appreciate the mode that's right for them.

  12. I'm a metal fan of Dice Tower 🙂

  13. I’m gonna miss Sam’s many awful accents 😢

  14. Amazing how things change. Few years ago i liked most of the stuff Sam liked and none that Zee liked. Now is completely opposite. I adore most stuff Zee lokes and almost none of Sams.

  15. Tom's hat game is on point!

  16. Masters of Renaissance!!! Lorenzo 2!! How could Tom not put this on the list?

  17. Got your back on this one, Sam. Lots of interesting games on your list that I look forward to check out. Cheers brother.

  18. Tom, what about Tarramara? It's from designers you enjoy very much.

  19. Orleans cooperative & competitive

  20. Fortune & Glory is a good co-op/competitive game.

  21. I think the designer of Skytopia watched Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘Castle in the Sky’ a few times. 🤔

  22. Marco Polo 2 is my number 1!

  23. 30:27 I'll name two: Mage Knight and Orléans.

  24. Co2 second chance got great versus AND coop mode

  25. I think the idea in "So, you have been eaten" is that both sides of the game have an automa, so you could actually let the 2 automas play out vs each other, if that would give you any sort of satisfaction. 🙂

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