Emotional Intercontinental Title victories: WWE Top 10, Sept. 2, 2019

In honor of the Intercontinental Championship celebrating its 40th anniversary, watch the 10 most emotional victories in the title’s history.
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  2. That's how you know Miz is GOAT. He was in at least 4 of those matches.

  3. Where is roman reigns intercontinetal title win at?

  4. You can't deny Howard Finkel helped sell the emotion a little bit with his, "The winner of this bout. . . and NEEEEWWW [Insert title here] Champion!"

  5. Where's John Cena😂

  6. Rest in peace Umaga

  7. Inducting Chyna in the HoF IMO was great because not a lot of people remembered her and her impact on WWF/WWE. Or her impact on wrestling in general.

  8. I'm dead just thinking now, how much was Curtis liked when he won the IC title?

  9. Where’s dean ambrose he was the interconetle champ

  10. Because he is a grand slam champion

  11. U didn't put roman where he is

  12. Santino marella is the quickest wrestler to earn a title shot

  13. Zack Ryder deserves a 2nd run as IC champion and should feud with Mojo Rawley

  14. This just reminded me how they screwed zigglers push

  15. Woo woo woo you know that Ryder is the ic champ right? Well not in 2019

  16. Dolgh ziggler is the best Ic champ why don’t y’all add him too Jericho’s list 😂😂😂😂😂

  17. In bret hart emotional title wins i think I saw Freddie Mercury

  18. Who love wwe like here

  19. Please watch on my old channel for free full show, full match: @

  20. Please watch on my old channel for free full show, full match: @

  21. . They actually put something about CHYNA?! OMG… Rip Chyna ♡

  22. John Cena needs to win that title when he returns to complete his grand slam

  23. I love how half these wrestlers were winning it from The Miz lol

  24. I saw the miz lost 4 of intercontinental champion ship

  25. Why y'all complaining about Jericho not being in here? The title clearly says Emotional title victories. If y'all want to pretend to be a Y2J fan, at least try to learn more about him. Jericho won the Intercontinental title 9 times, but none of those victories were emotional like these ones, and that's because Jericho has always being a heel.

    I think the only times Jericho had "emotional" title victories, were when he won the WCW Championship against The Rock, and then when he won the Undisputed Championship.

  26. I'm surprised Razor vs Michaels or Jeff Hardy defeating Triple H isn't mentioned.

  27. what about chris jericho?

  28. Golddust was an awesome champ

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