Drag Racing, Chaotic Restarts, And The Top 10 Onboards! | 2019 Brazilian Grand Prix

It’s a bumper episode of best onboards this week, as we delve into the pure, brilliant madness that was Brazil 2019! Jump onboard for daring overtakes, hair-raising collisions, and some big surprises…
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  1. So yeah… TWELVE MINUTES of onboard action to sink your teeth into! We literally couldn't make it shorter if we tried 😅 Which is your favourite moment?

  2. Alex his restart is just incredible, well done to him. A shame that Lewis had to dive in a gap which wasn't quite there.

  3. The sound of the Honda..😍

  4. Stop censoring "Bockmist"!!!!!

  5. everyone:
    vettel: going to the left and fuck someone else's race AGAIN

    go to hell vettel

  6. Looks like vettel n leclerc will be bitter rivals till the end

  7. 🌀5:36🌀 front Left damn!!

  8. Great racing. F1 has come a long way

  9. 1:42
    Fucking idiot
    -Yep understood

  10. ブラジル、アイルトンセナ、ホンダ宗一郎、レッドブル、トロロッソ、ガスリー、バンザーイ🙆おめでとう🧖

  11. 9:45 Now that's something I didn't notice. Did Albon go right into the path of Kubica?! Surely, he would've been penalised for that!

  12. Vettel out….

  13. Im a Ferrari boy but… #VettelOut

  14. Renault sound is one of the worst thing I ever heard

  15. Why can't see the steereing wheel cam of vettle😠😠😠😠😠😠

  16. Kubica showing his hand for Albon like he is in such a rush to be on P20…. 😀

  17. Lecter can never moved 1 inch off his line, Vettel did the same to Webber, he’s a bloody pest,

  18. The screams on 3:13 are from a driver who is not used to finishing on the podium, that's for sure.

  19. 11:50 – "Nice job" – Sebastian Vettel, 2019 Brazilian GP


  21. For everyone saying it's vettel's fault, what would you have done? He had better speed than leclerc and leclerc decided to weave to the outside and cover it, but sat half on the racing line anyway. He made it look like he was defending the outside of the straight, so Vettel went for the inside on the racing line. When Leclerc sees this he keeps the hold on the inside really tight. If leclerc was any sort of team sport he would've moved over another couple feet when he saw vettel in his mirrors and I damn well know he saw him, because why else would he correct his left-ward drift defending the outside and instead straighten up and block Vettel's line. If leclerc was any later on that twitch back/straight it would've looked like he deliberately put vettel in the grass. Im impressed by Leclerc this year but the last few races he's been taking stupid risks and making stupid mistakes that no F1 driver should make, and he's driving as if Vettel is his enemy and not his teammate. Thats a good way to get sacked fast, but Ferrari won't because he's everyone's new golden boy of F1…

  22. Great compilation … I was glued to it!

  23. Vettel is so overrated…. he clashes/ crashes with every teammate hes had.

  24. Anyone here translated what Vettel said??

  25. ricciardo really is a great racer, awesome footage of ricciardo overtaking here

  26. @2:21 – Wow that merc handles power delivery fantastically with no kick of over-steer or under-steer.

  27. Did you see how late HAM brakes at the curve while he’s racing Verstappen? Almost after the 50 brake marker! Insane!

  28. i dont know why albon gets pissed he does that at corners too all the time. But the drivers he does it to just get out of the wayso they dont crash. I mean i like redbull but cmon. cant complain if you do that too.

  29. 40:08 That wobbling noise in the Racing Point engine can't be good. I know it'll be the track causing it but you don't hear it in anyone else's engine.

  30. que wea el bombazo de la conchetumare que se tiro leclerc

    y sainz ctm la cago

  31. 1:10
    A-am I hearing that correctly? Is that a transmission whine? First time I heard that in an F1 car. That a straight-cut or a really old gearbox?

  32. Sainz: on your left
    Perez: No room for you
    Sainz: You sure bro ??

  33. Grosjean back to looking like he does not belong I see.

  34. 10:26 ecco come si costruisce la disfatta…. here is how the defeat is built … #essereFerrari #forzaFerrari #Seb5 #charles16

  35. Gotta love how Mercedes and Hamilton still want to improve even when they are dominating

  36. God someone put ricciardo in a Ferrari PLEASE

  37. These turbo hybrid engines don't sound right on all the cars, like a bag of spanners rattling

  38. 11:35 Third Reich leader finding out the war was lost – Berlin, 1945.

  39. I can’t bear to watch Albons spin any longer

  40. That Ricciardo's overtake through ferradura was breathtaking, two cars at once. Amazing stuff

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