DHS Top 10 Points | Zen-noh 2019 ITTF Team World Cup

Remember the time when Pikachu tried to steal the lime light but the table tennis action was just too insane? ⚡️⚡️
Recap the best action from teh Zen-noh 2019 ITTF Team World Cup with #DHSTop10
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  1. こう言うランキング動画で女子のラリーが最近多く取り上げられてきた気がする。やっぱり女子選手の男子化がいい意味で進んで来てるのかな

  2. When you see a rally between habesohn and Yoshimura you expect at least one behind the back shot don't you 😅😅

  3. 1位が1位になった理由

  4. Watch 0:54 its glitched it did not hit the table first

  5. ハリパンチは?

  6. Definately the wrong name for this video.

  7. To see Habesohn in a highlight reel and it's not a behind-the-back shot is … quite surprising actually 😀

  8. Great video. I just feel like the name of this video should be something like top 10 points Team's World Cup 2019 or something. Top 10 ENG seems a bit boring for me at the very least

  9. N°3 did not belong there

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