DHS Top 10 Points | 2019 ITTF German Open

#TBT to an insane #2019GermanOpen❗🇩🇪What was your favourite from the #ITTFWorldTour in Berlin? 🏓🏓🏓

#DHSTop10 #SpectacularTableTennis


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  1. I thought there were 2 Indian players on the Top 1 shot…

  2. That shot from Wang Chuqin, amazing!

  3. Best point, worst picture quality…

  4. Ahh! Timo, the man behind the boll

  5. I would give one of my legs just to see the matches in the quality some of the clips have.

  6. I knew that this day will come – I won't be able to see the ball because of the game pace. But I didn't realize it happens so soon.

  7. I'd rather see each point twice at full speed than endure slow mo table tennis.

  8. The 1st place has the nicest graphic quality 😂

  9. Camera quality straight out of 2004…

  10. Dá uma raiva quando o BOLL não muda o lado que está obviamente visível que o adversário não vai conseguir rebater. -.-

  11. No.1 deserves first place, but it was hard to see due to poor camera quality

  12. Horrible.. I couldn't even see the last point

  13. 4:18 Adam says Lin Gaoyuan while it's Wang Chuqin

  14. @0:41 Why is it only at 9? If Xu Xin did this point it would be in the top 3.

  15. てっきりサムソノフと張本のラリーが1位やと思ってたけど3位だったからちょっと驚いたけど1位、2位のラリーもいいね。

  16. 一位のプレー見づらいな

  17. びみょいのばっかり

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