The #ITTFWorldTour #2019CzechOpen was INSANE! Recap the 🔝10 points in Olomouc 🇨🇿Which was your favourite❗️
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  1. Good rallies but definitely none of them was entertaining enough. Maybe Xu Xin has set the bar really high.

  2. カップマン Reply


  3. Qsxft Hanes Reply

    The quality these top 10 is obviously not as high without Xu Xin. But Simon Gauzy is another cloud walker that keeps the game entertaining.

  4. There were much much better qualified rallies than these! i am Very disappointed!

  5. 2:46 to me, Hugo's point is the best of all. You have to understand and play table tennis yourself to understand how crazy that was.

  6. Brain Wash Worldwide Reply

    Thanks for having the whole commentary for each point in this video, most other top 10 lists only show the footage cutting away the sound after the point is done.

  7. 卓球の民 Reply


  8. youhyun nam Reply

    What a weird list. Why aren't there more rallies from the lee-boll match or lee-gauzy match which had several spectacular shots. Also, why is timo boll's blocks in this list instead of lin yun ju's blocks and chopblock in the 4th set?

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