DHS Top 10 Points | 2019 ITTF Bulgaria Open

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Which was your favourite point from the #ITTFWorldTour #2019BulgariaOpen #DHSTop10⁉️
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  1. the first top ten points list I've seen this year without Xu Xin


  3. what the background song name please

  4. I am champion and I live in bihar,patna india

  5. 3:23 後ろのボールボーイかわいい

  6. Who is 10 years old and still good a table tennis I am

  7. 最近丹羽が出てこないから寂しい

  8. Thats good video quality

  9. yes right. this video is pressure to watch, have to be focus and skip the screaming harimoto, you can't just sit back and realx

  10. Zhao has a very good backhand

  11. I couldn’t watch this because of the total asshat commentator, anyone on the brink of suicide, listen to this shmo commentator – his voice will surely motivate you to say ‘F IT!’

  12. I don't understand why Aruna doesn't hire a coach to improve his backhand? His backhand is at an amateur level while his foot speed and FH are at a world class level; if he got his BH even 30% better he could really do some damage IMO.

  13. Why is the video quality of these videos so much better than the actual game videos? All the game videos had crappy resolution.

  14. my phone can film slow motion better lol

  15. These videos always are a huge pressure to watch.

  16. Damn this is the only chance I can get a lot of likes here only 17 comments yes

  17. 前から確信してたけど、やっぱりそうか。勝っても負けても、伊藤美誠の試合は面白い!

  18. 1:00 プツァルの反射神経エグすぎる…

  19. 庄智渊真是不容易,老当益壮,台湾乒坛灵魂人物

  20. 1:00 wow that point was insane..

  21. 1:00のラリー終わった後にボールボーイも立ち上がって頭抱えてるの凄く好き。

  22. Very good I am A champion Of TABLE TENNIS

  23. ベスト9がエグすぎwww

  24. Aruna's killer against Zhao is one of the best winners I've seen in a while!

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