CSGO – The Top 10 Best BATTLE-SCARRED SKINS!! (unique finishes)

That’s not a scratch – its a feature!

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  1. Plz leave a like if you enjoyed! More CS20 designs coming soon!

    Honourable Metions
    – The Copper Skins
    – The Blue Steel Skins
    – The Bunsen Burner
    – The Toy Soldier
    – The Atheris

  2. Lootbear, I rent karambit and give it them, but they want scam me and they keep saying that I didn't do this. Scamming site

  3. maybe llama canon on deagle

  4. RIP McSkillet, I miss you.

  5. I thought the bs was bullshit

  6. How about ssg 08 Abyss in
    BS condition? Looks sick tho 🙂

  7. i thought BS meant somethng else smh

  8. The P90 Grim is another one I'd recommend

  9. Mcskillet died in a car crash didn't he?

  10. @TDM_Heyzeus could u stop talking about this murder? this pos isnt worth talking about!

  11. Bro, how you can inspect skin ingame from website ? , like the medusa part.

  12. For me battle scared awp asiimow look sick

  13. Fn rust coat is a budget blue steel

  14. The p200 got more ammo and a bigger magazine. The usp got less ammo, a smaller magazine but a supressor. The p2000 is sliiiightlyyyy more accurate on range (spread) and the usp is sliiiiiightlyyyyy more accurate while moving. The rest is the same… Oh i forgot a big plus of the usp: it looks cooler

  15. I have that battle scarred inperial dragon i love it

  16. Thumbnail looks like bullshiet skins

  17. I thought bullshit =bs skins

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