Colbert Explains The Ukraine Scandal To Ainsley Earhardt Of Fox & Friends

Connecting the dots between the various abuses of power going on in the Trump administration can be challenging, so Stephen has come up with a simple explanation that should work for even the President’s least-informed defenders. #Colbert #LSSC #Monologue

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  1. 'Cook until Cake' might become my new internet handle

  2. fox news is so manipulative.

  3. Colbert is brilliant. Loved the Fox News bit! Priceless

  4. Trump is most definitely a fruitcake

  5. Maybe !if THE relegion leaders should tell theirs followers to respect MAN laws and God laws 🤔 we wouldnt have this problems😥✌ my opinion

  6. Was that mansplaining at the end of the video?

  7. Trump is the Master Baker, I don't know how he bate his eggs before using them to make cake.

  8. 1:57 good God, that's gonna haunt my dreams.

  9. Damn wasn't expecting the ending 1😂😂👌🏻

  10. She’s a Bubble head. 🤦‍♀️

  11. Colbert clueless to real facts and real stories. A clown for late night tv. Looking for real comedy Terrance K Williams. Diamond and silk maga challenge. And ray Stevens Mr. President Sir. Song

  12. Funny. Just wondering though.
    What would you guys have as a topic in monologue if it wasnt for Trump. Night after night after night

  13. This guy used to be funny in CC . Here he is an idiot . Of course Trump did all that. But if the Democrats elect Biden in the primary they are so screwed. Biden is so much more corrupt than Trump and Trump will have a field day with him in the debates. But I agree Fox and friends are the dumbest people on TV

  14. Now that I have Stephen’s cake recipe, I’m going to film it and make a YouTube Colbert Cake Recipe video.

  15. My favourite part of this (as an Australian citizen) was seeing Scott Morrison's face large as life connected to Trump. He's so far up Trump's ass, he could give him a free rectal exam.

  16. I had to laugh about Ainsley and her inability to connect 3 people. She wouldn't get past the first page of "All the President's Men".

  17. Colbert fake news cheerleader squad. A late night show host who is clueless to real news and real stories. What a loser

  18. Actually, for a trump supporter I think remembering 3 people is a daunting task.

  19. That's a woman that doesn't even comb her own hair.

  20. Lol 😂 🤣 🤣 oh colbert i love you

  21. That recipe joke was quite unfunny. Why do Americans laugh at unfunny things?

  22. connecting the dots… like so .-.-. or ._._,

  23. Does anyone honestly believe one of the democratic candidates can beat him in 2020 if he doesn’t get impeached before then?

  24. this orange satan is a murderer. plain & simple

  25. Thanks for keeping us alive Stephen. I am amazed at how you manage night after night. But I'll tell you that you sir are instrumental in keeping our democracy or whatever is left of it alive. Thank you.

  26. U got to love the little smirk on Stephen's face when he is saying, or dealing with something that may be dirty….He reminds of a kid who just understood the meaning of foul language…..

  27. Genius. Ainsley. Wasn't
    watching she goes to bed early. Maybe she saw it on youtube. Not.

  28. Welcome to the new phrase, "Dumb as a Donald!"

  29. Ainsley Earhardt gets overwhelmed so eansily. With all this "information" (the "so much information" overload is imminent) she needs to confess to "America" that she has no idea what she's talking about. I hope the "Explainsley to Ainsley" segment is helpful to her. Poor thing.

  30. Ainsley is probably just overwhelmed from taking in so many high level ideas. Sadly, I've seen something like this before.

  31. Wait, I don't get it.
    Ugh. Gonna be another late night studying that board

  32. Fox hosts are so dumb and the blond jokes are true for her stupid do as stupid do

  33. Did Anyone Catch His Guest Is Rachel Madow !!!
    He Can Have Her On Again After Trump's Landslide Victory In 2020 !

  34. This isn’t fair to Ainsley. Her co-stars are equally easily confused

  35. Now Let's see him do that with 9/11!

  36. Fros…🤢😫 I'm sick for life! Thanks Stephen!!

  37. Exactly. Keep focused on the single most important fact, and the rest will fall into place.

  38. Trump is seemingly taking a hands-on approach to his defense.

  39. Why dont you Run For President Stephen ? ………………. We dont need a god loving brain washed hack as president either ,,,,,,,,

  40. I'm still waiting for stephen to explain to his "flock" viewers the reason why "Puke Bucket" polosi is so hesitant about having a formal vote for impeachment. Or maybe he can explain why "Shit for brains" Schiff didn't read from the actual transcript when he spoke in front of Congress. Seriously if the actual transcript is so incriminating to Trump then why did "shit for brains" have to do a "parody" of it?

  41. Trump will get his pound cake behind his beautiful wall incarcerated.

  42. Hahahaha!!! Masterbaking,

  43. You could have did this with your crayons idiot

  44. How did that poor confused woman graduate high school?

  45. *spits milk! "Master Baking"…BWHA HA HA HA HA!!!

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