CloneDeploy OnDemand OS Imaging using PXE running on FreeNAS

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How we are using CloneDeploy OnDemand Imaging via PXE running on FreeNAS

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  1. Thanks for this video, but I do have a question. I have a syspreped image of WIndows 10 ready to deploy to other clients, but I don't know how to put the (.wim) file into the "container" you mentioned. Is there any way to do this?

  2. Clonezilla is much better option. Install your favorite Operating system + drivers + applications. Once everything is over, use sysprep (optional) use clonezilla to create an image. Then copy that image to your samba share on freenas. Rest of the things are much easy. And off course multicast is also available. [] Advantages with clonezilla is that the project is very matured one, there are unlimited options, offers ES-256 encryption could be used to secures data access, storage and transfer.

  3. I still don't know how to add memtest to the grub

  4. What are you using as a replacement for Clondeploy? Freenas no longer has it on the plug ins list?

  5. can you add linux iso bse tools ke hdd test and (trinity ,pmagic etc ) to the pxe menu

  6. so its like f.o.g dose it suport hardware inventory and groops selaection for imaging adn computer enrolement

  7. can u do a full walk trough on use and how do u fully use at your shop?

  8. Can't found CloneDeploy in FreeNas 11 pulgin menu ?

  9. Are you guys still using it

  10. Looks good , looks better then clonezilla

  11. They removed this plugin from the repo tho 🙁

  12. Do you guys still run CloneDeploy on FreeNAS? Ive been trying to set it up but having some issues with TFTP not wanting to allow image uploads.

  13. How do you go about backing up client data before reloading windows etc?

  14. can i clone only one partition (c:) and than deploy it because i don't want to lose partition (D:)

  15. Is this the new name / version of CDWS? (CrucibleWDS)

  16. Great video. Got a question as to the use case for this tool. Would this be a viable tool to use in a repair shop where you need to quickly reload Windows and a pre-determined suite of programs (browzers, open-source office suite, etc) on different types of machines at once (for example, an AMD based Vista box and an Intel based Win8 box)? Would the different platforms, different gpu's and other drivers needed for each machine cause an issue?

    I've used Clonezilla to do individual imagine of machines in this scenario but pushing an image made on an AMD system would oftem BSOD an Intel-based system, and vice-versa; so we had separate images for each model of laptop/desktop. As you can imagine, this became very cumbersome so I was wondering if there was a more efficient way of doing these tasks

  17. You should check out Serva at I think it will do anything you want except run on Linux. 🙂

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