Charles Barkley Top 10 Plays of Career

Charles Barkley Top 10 Plays of Career.
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NBATop10 provides opinionated lists of various NBA Player’s top plays. I strive to make fair and unbiased lists of plays, but keep in mind that we all have our own personal opinions, meaning that none of our opinions are right or wrong.
I judge plays by looking at the context of the situation, the overall difficulty, and how aesthetically pleasing the play is. I do my very best to provide a highly accurate countdown for my viewers.
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  1. I thought charles no. 1 play was when he threw a ball down shaqs head.

  2. It's a good thing they don't be playing no defense in the NBA.

  3. lotta respect. believe or not

  4. I always like Charles and his game but no1 is after time.

  5. I am a simple man, I saw Sir Charles I click 😀

  6. The Role Model. Lol

  7. Making plays on a bunch of nobodies, no wonder he sucked in the playoffs, only one good play here the shot over Robinson.

  8. To all those people who say they never saw a player as big as Lebron go cost to cost, well I'm fifty seven and I can say that sir Charles was bigger than Lebron and would grab a defensive rebound and start the break and finish it also, I like Tim Duncan, Kevin McHale and Karl Malone but imo Charles Barkley was the greatest power forward I've ever seen, with or without a ring.

  9. Where is the double block on Ron Harper on one play?

  10. In my mind the best player I ever saw

  11. Sir Charles is actually very clutch….then what is up with his golf swing yips

  12. My favorite PF ever. Would have been considered greatest PF ever had he won a ring.

  13. Music is off-putting but great video

  14. Sir Charles. THE WARRIOR.

  15. And 35 years later, we now have Zion Williamson… Charles Barkley is the only old school player that Zion’s game, physicality, height, size, and athletic ability mirrors. Zion Williamson is the 2019 version of Charles Barkley with a vertical leap probably close to 50 inch compared to Barkley’s probably close to 40 inch vertical leap. There is no other comparison in my book.

  16. Simplemente el mejor!!

  17. aside from jordan and duncan…
    he is one of my fav player…

  18. His best game was against the Supersonics when he schooled Shawn Kemp and won the series.

  19. I remember when they commemorated a near win over Chicago Bulls, but seconds before the final of play , John Paxon said, not yet suns", Chicago won!.

  20. N° 4 dunk is savage as very few ever made

  21. FOAT Favorite (NBA Player) of all time.

  22. Yep, kids! That funny personality from Inside the NBA – He used to be one of the most dominant basketball players ever! 😛

  23. Menudo fantasma, debiera aprender de Pau Gasol

  24. The good old days of the NBA where Men played, Men coached and Men commissioned.

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