Can Tiger Woods finish top-10 at Zozo Championship? | Morning Drive | Golf Channel

Morning Drive decides to buy or sell on statements of Tiger Woods’ success this year. #Golf #TigerWoods #MorningDrive
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Can Tiger Woods finish top-10 at Zozo Championship? | Morning Drive | Golf Channel

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  1. Well how about winning… haters everywhere

  2. How the this 2 guys have a chance to sit here and doesn’t what they talking about lol

  3. I want to see Henni Zuel from GolfTV. These guy…… NAH……

  4. So, before the tournament these white guys didn't give Tiger a chance on ZoZo. Now they have to make a new one to review their "theories", read bias.

  5. Well done Damon…the other guys love humble pie.

  6. How's that Crow taste 🤣

  7. Damron, you are a sure loser….analysis of a pea-brained idiot ! Who is the other fat idiot on the left ? Brendan porat ?…poor rat ?… he sounds like him.

  8. I guess he showed you a$$ clowns again who’s boss . It’s amazing how many of you media folks that are “eating” really good off Tiger constantly talk mindless smack.

  9. These two are ant-Woods period. He is the "GOAT" and you never know what will happen when he is in a tournament.
    I'd like to see what they said after he won…Sorry morons.

  10. Sell Huh? That's funny, because he won!

  11. Dddoooooohhhhhh!!!! <Homer voice>.

  12. Arm chair pundits..I don't blame them..they just givin their thought to spice up the show

  13. They are just totally dumb ass. You can never doubt Tiger at any given time, even the top guys on tour say that. These guys are over paid pod casters. Those that can DO those that can't TEACH.

  14. 0.37 "Sell" Sssssssssh! 2.17 "Buy" Right on Brother!

  15. lol now what do you bone heads have to say after the

  16. Eat Mr. Tiger's socks chumps!

  17. Dumb ass mofos. Don’t doubt the man. Tiger won!

  18. Coming back in my next life as an analyst don’t have to know shit

  19. These WHITES Just don’t want the Black guy to be the face of their WHITE SPORT….TIGER JUST WON….

  20. I bet you're say buyyyyyy after yesterday…lololoo he won!!!!!!!

  21. want to see them what to say after so many his fans around the world watched the last round of golf today.

  22. Fat boy doesn't look like he can even walk the course and grey beard looks like he's not too physically fit either.

  23. The doubting Thomases looked foolish now LOL. At least the guy in the middle knows what he is talking about. LOL

  24. Obviously I wont be subscribing to the Golf Channel.

  25. Can we get a post match roundup from these guys now? 82 and climbing….. GOAT

  26. what did I say Tiger will win this Game. So you better learn your lesson.

  27. Yup.. He won.. Buy that!!

  28. Dont those 2 look stupid today lol…..

  29. Lol he won you dumbfucks! Get wrecked

  30. 82………….talk nah talk

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