Bourjois Volume Reveal Mascara First Impressions | Roshni Mistry


  1. My lashes are so similar to yours and the mascara looks sooo good on you

  2. Wow very nice i love it

  3. I love this mascara, I have always used expensive ones but this one is by far the best cheaper one x

  4. OMG..!!! Love at first swipe. ima buy it right now, really right now!

  5. Step 1: have extremely long eyelashes

  6. Great video! Really helped, new subscriber!!! Xxxx

  7. Good review. just bought this myself. I think the triangular shape is so they can fit the mirror on.

  8. Ok first that choker is super cuteee. The thing for me with mascaras is that it's a bit of a journey for me. I usually only have one or two mascaras at a time and then I get excited when they run out because now I can go hunt down some new ones. It's especially awesome because they can come quite cheap and there are always new ones being released. So just even watching reviews on mascara gets me a bit excited. And don't even get me started on lipsticks 😅

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