Borderlands 3 – Top 10 Legendary Weapons YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS!

Top 10 Borderlands 3 legendary weapons you don’t want to miss out!

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  1. I hope you enjoy this video over 10 Borderlands 3 legendary weapons, & how to exactly get them!

    Timestamps of all the legendaries, and how to get them that I showed in this video below.

    10) Nightflyer Legendary Pistol – 0:29
    9) One Pump Chump Legendary – 4:31
    8) Nimble Jack Legendary – 6:28
    7) 9 Volt Legendary – 8:28
    6) Skeksil Legendary Missile Pistol – 10:02
    5) Bankrolled Predatory Lending Legendary – 11:15
    4) Mind Killer Legendary Shotgun – 12:30
    3) Smartgun XXL Legendary SMG – 12:51
    2) EMP Legendary Grenade – 13:48
    1) Phebert Legendary Shotgun – 14:36

    SIDE NOTE! The 'Night Flyer' legendary pistol in this video also has a secret bonus I didn't mention.. When you jump while firing it'll have a fully automatic shot, instead of burst fire!

  2. Gigs mind drops this awesome legendary shotgun that does good damage and plays music when u pick it up

  3. Video idea…what if you miss out on one or all of these guns.

  4. Night flyer – higher base stats. Damage reduced by 100% if target has only 1hp.

    Nimble Jack – beyond the stated increase to accuracy when airborne, if all pellets hit a crit spot one ammo is returned to the clip.

    9-volt – honestly bested by the AAA as far as the job it does. A Dahl pistol with similar effects

    Sketsil – unlimited mag is manufacturer, not the weapon

    Predatory lending – the shield can vary

    Mind killer – it basically fires the same blast mouthpieces arena speakers do.

    Smart gun xxl – no additional info or corrections

    EMP – far as I know delivery method can vary

    Phebert – basically firing two slug rounds.

  5. The one pump chump isn’t a one punch man reference, it’s a reference to it people who cum from a single “pump”

  6. The Rikeshey bullet thing for the nimble jack is for every Jakobs gun

  7. Have you not played a borderlands game before, you missed so many eater eggs to the other games, I’d you have, then I’m surprised you didn’t point them out.

  8. He should of had a gun called the rackarang which when you reload he throws and it flys into enemies then back to you reloaded now that would be cool

  9. Actually the SkekSil pistol is the name of the bird creature from the dark crystal. Skeksis is the name if the race he is of.

  10. I have that weapon that shoot money but I also have a grenade that give me money

  11. I randomly found handsome jakie

  12. Lmao I just got a layuda from a common chest

  13. The jack shotgun is also a reference to spring heeled jack.

  14. Link download game and full and fast download

  15. The 9volt actualy has a pistol version to called the AAA its exactly the same pero its a pistol also in the AAA altfire mode when you aim down the sights you hold it all gangsta sideways and shit

  16. i swear i thought i was listening to the dude from shes out of my league

  17. I killed rakkman now he won’t respawn

  18. Did u see the moldy 76 helmets from gamestop lol

  19. Anyone know how to get the quasar grenade been looking for one

  20. Most of the guns in here are useless in the end game lol. Honestly don’t worry much about the legendaries until you get to level 50 cause some of these goes straight into trash bins since you will need to re-farm everything at the end

  21. 1: Night Flyer 0:40 Dropped by I'm Rakkman in Carnevora on Pandora

    2: One Pump Chump 4:38 Dropped by One Punch in Lectra City on Promethea

    3: Nimble Jack 8:13 Dropped by Handsome Jackie in Skywell-27 on Promethea

    4: 9-Volt 8:25 Dropped by Killavolt in Lectra City on Promethea

    5: SkekSil 9:56 Dropped by Skrakk in Ascension Bluff on Pandora

    6: Lending 11:08 Dropped by The Crawly Family in The Droughts on Pandora

    7: Mind-Killer 12:18 Dropped by MouthPiece in Ascension Bluff on Pandora

    8: Smart Gun XXL 12:50 Dropped by Giga-Mind in Metrocity Metroplex on Promethea

    9: EMP 13:38 Dropped by Barin Noggin in Metrocity Metroplex on Promethea

    10: Phebert 14:30 Dropped by Wick in Lectra City on Promethea

  22. Petition to bring back the old breaking down door intro

  23. Damn it's been a few years im back to this channel.

  24. the game on console looks so fucking bad my god

  25. How do you farm bosses? Do you like have to repeat that mission or do you go to the area where he spawns? Like im confused


  27. I lv 23 but when farm 9-Valt the item is lv 15 but in you video is 20 why ?

  28. Gigamind also drops one of the best grenades, calls down airstrikes

  29. Don’t most boss s have a few legends ? While farming mega brain for that brain gun, I got legendary grenade that call down air strikes,

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