Borderlands 3 – Top 10 Legendary Weapon Locations YOU NEED TO GO TO!

Borderlands 3 – Top 10 Legendary Weapon Locations YOU NEED TO GO TO! (Legendary Weapons, Best Weapons & More)
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Borderlands 3 – Top 10 Legendary Weapons YOU NEED TO GET!

All Zero’s Targets of Opportunity Locations

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This Borderlands 3 video breakdown of the Top 10 Legendary Weapon Locations YOU NEED TO GO TO!,borderlands 3 Legendary Weapons, new loot, Skill Trees & More. ill be covering more stuff like legendary weapons, secrets, loot, top 10’s and more when it releases so be sure to subscribe.

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  1. Only Some footage was from mayhem 3, i misspoke when mentioning it in the video as i assumed i was still on it when recording, but either way the guns i mentioned being good still hold up well on mayhem 3 if you get the level 50 varients

  2. All well and good till they patch them and nerf them and reduce the drop rates 🤬

  3. Headsplosion is a reference to master exploder by tenacious d.

  4. If you're on mayhem 1 or higher, if you kill the jabbermogway with a fire gun it'll drop, 100 percent

  5. Literally got the hellfire first try and I was like yooo wtf, its back?

  6. I was hoping to see the butcher on there, I love using that gun

  7. I'm running Lucien's Coil and I think that's my favorite gun so far with endless ammo Moze

  8. c'mon you couldn't cut out 1second to make it 13:37 =/

  9. BRUh I didn't even notice the linc was a parks and rec reference thats awesome

  10. i was farming tyreen the other day and i got a queen's call on amara.

  11. no one talks about the cutsman. best gun in the game for me

  12. those guns suck balls on THVM mayhem 3your weapons on the list are basically all T3-T2.
    nothing special and strong here, and especially: no god rolls at all.

  13. I'm sorry I don't get the fact that people are talking about collecting all legendaries with only 50 slots in the bank an 40 in the backpack. That not possible right ?

  14. Had to stop at pronunciation of VorAcious…not VorOcious….

  15. 9:01 – Tusnami…? Uh-oh.

  16. Just me or does the “Queens call” look just like thorn from destiny

  17. How do you farm the linc
    as in how do you restart the quest to kill the anointed again

  18. I hate the atlas pistols

  19. Can someone please make a video of legendaries that aren't any good so that I can clean my vault out. I have all 50 slots filled and also 18-19 of my maxed out backpack which fills up fast while farming.

  20. Twosynamic mayhem mode only affects the drops of world drops

  21. What is the assault rifle and pistol you use during the video and where do you get them?

  22. Tenacious D I did not mean To blow your mind But that shit happens to me All the time ( Master Exploder )

  23. Lyuda was named for Lyudmila Pavlichenko. She was an extremely talented sniper from WWII. Man killer b/c she has 309 confirmed kills. That’s alotta mans.

  24. I'm surprised you didn't mention the Skeksil as it is a very strong COV legendary pistol that can come in Fire, shock and Corrosive. Is also an easy farm from Skrakk

  25. I did the Lyuda quest but I didn't get the weapon in the end 🙁

  26. I got
    Hellfire: first try on MayhemMode2
    Night Flyer: 3 Tries Mayhem 2

    Will do all the others and post how many times it took me

    Btw I'm using Fl4k with crit build

  27. i got a shock lyuda as a drop from tyreen

  28. what i dont like about people who post to early not even lvl 50 and not always on mayhem 3 smh take this shit with a grain of salt. should have just posted a video with all legionaries. plus if you did it on mayhem 3 and you were lvl 50 you cant say they are viable since mayhem 3 has in game effects that are random so at best all these guns are extremely circumstantial.

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