Boost Channel Performance with Playlists ft. Logical Baniya

Did you know that using Playlists, Cards and End Screens can help boost your overall views? In this Master Class, YouTube Creator Anshul from Logical Baniya talks about the benefits of using Playlists — especially for videos that are part of a series. Hear his advice on how to boost your channel performance by encouraging more watch time from both old and new viewers.

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  1. I'll fallow this thank you so much for the advice~~

  2. Thank you for great tips!! Honestly, I never thought playlists were important.. I hope I can make my channel bigger with the tips of this channel.. 😭😭

  3. What? Instead of Ashish chanchlani, Technical guruji, Tech burner or BB ki Vines, we have this guy as an indian youtuber on creator academy.


  5. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  6. Great idea about making a series. I have a few videos which are quite long, around 30 minutes, so will now break them up into two parts. Thanks for the tip.

  7. but you used the same name you just add season 2 part 1,2,3,4 like its one thing just made in to parts what can we do we who we always need to put different titles how to arrange them.

  8. türkçe yapın bide atatürk kazan dı savaş ları ilk önce türkçe sonra neyi yaparsanız yapın amk

  9. Very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. hi new youtuber here followme please

  11. New youtuber here. Playlists is great for serious people in search for categories in your channel.

  12. my channel is very poor, everyone please help me see why. Thanks

  13. ساعدني اخي ربنا يحميك يارب

  14. Thank you very much for your valuable information, my friend, I will try your ideas.

  15. si bien d augmenter le nombre d heure avec utilisation playlist

  16. Im still waitng for an answer

  17. apakah d engan ada nya playlist dapat menambah jam tayang?

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    acesse o link

  19. Very good !

  20. I'm a musician, and hopefully I'll be more popular.

  21. who like to climb mountains can stop by my canel 🙂

  22. thank for sharing..

  23. 😄 Well, that's a good way to improve the channel's performance.❣️👏

  24. Arid aktar mochahada

  25. I am Sick of listening fucking HINDU English,

    every new word makes punchs my head and brain.

    Pls learn normal english or american english accent!, i cant listen this anymore.
    Every second video about technology and science is on hindu-english?.

  26. Good video 😉

  27. So far I understood, cards make the video play time shorter. Because if an audience clicks on the card just after watching a few minutes a video means he/she jump to the next one, the previous video was seen only for a few minutes. In this way, cards indirectly reduce the total duration of a video. Its my personal experience.

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