Beats Tour 2.0 In-Ear Headphones

This is Hot!
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Flat Tangle-free cable. That’s why we’ve redesigned our cables to make sure they’re ultra-flexible, flat and tangle-free.
•Improved design for better fit, delivered right to your eardrum. Replaceable ear tips and one pair of comfy foam tips included.
•New water resistant metal housing with 3 button control talk cable. Switch easily between songs and incoming calls.


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  1. I love them fakes. Not even the seller could tell either a fake or not. Paid $5.- and got bass for $50.-.

  2. Wish they would bring these back

  3. 1:43 O.0 that was uncalled for

  4. 150$$ Dannnnnnnngggggggggggg

  5. Hey floss. Any chance of a monster jamz/turbines pro review?

  6. Nice video. Just bought a set in titanium. Also bought a set of solo 3 wireless. Are you planning on unboxing an Xbox one x?

  7. Let me get my LITTLE unboxing knife pulls out a fucking machete

  8. i died when he took his "lil" knife out

  9. That's a killer unboxing knife

  10. Still worth it if i buy it now?

  11. Hey flossy these or urbeats

  12. Are these for bassheads

  13. "Bye Bye beats" – iPhone 7

  14. I've just purchase the power beats I seem to like them so far only thing can't go to the next video I have a android phone of course would love to have that feature

  15. tours 2 or powerbeats 2

  16. that knife though 😂😂😂😂

  17. Doesn't it have noise isolation?


  19. Hey floss can you review urbeats?

  20. Lol flossy would you sell me that htc m8?🙊

  21. you HTC one should have beats audio

  22. where'd u get the "little" unboxing knife?

  23. samsung galaxy s5 s6 have good high bass with beats

  24. r u using poweramp

  25. r u using poweramp

  26. I'm a guy who likes good bass no over the top but good bass. would you suggest these headphones ? thanks mate nice unboxing

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