Beats Tour 2.0 (2014) Replica Unboxing!


  1. So…how do you know those are replicas?

  2. Do they not sell the fake ones on Amazon I bought a pair that started to break after 2 days

  3. i bought a pair of these of ebay for £30 the seller sold me them as real but they where fake so i claimed my money back via paypal but me and the seller won he kept his £30 and i got £30 back. i also got to keep the fake beats they sound ok for the price bass is ok nothing special and they have started breaking already the earbuds have started ripping the control talk is not working anymore but they sound fine for the price of £0

  4. if you buy them at apple store online are they real

  5. i think that beats its original…

  6. Look at the barcode, there's the serial number. They say the replicas dont have the serial number on it. Looks like the original.

  7. what did you search on dhgate to find this

  8. I bought a tour 2.0 from Aliexpress last month,ask the seller for the real pictures.the seller is honest,gave me a discount when i bought 3pcs.i will buy more in the future.

  9. I bought these 20 days ago and they still haven't arrived. 

  10. Where is the full review?

  11. How long did it take for you to get them?

  12. I don't really trust this site enough to put my bank details in

  13. So I lost my real ones and I was gonna go buy another pair from best buy but I got to thinking and im just gonna get these replicas and got turn them in as real one with my warranty. Smart or no ?

  14. bro can you send me the link a I can't find it ??? thnxs

  15. Hi I followed the link in the description but it just leads me to dhgate website, I searched for beats tour 2.0 replica but got nothing…

  16. Just ordered these cant wait

  17. Do they sell them on amazon

  18. Plot Twist: they are real and they just sold you them for super cheap lol! You can't even tell the difference!

  19. I think i'm gonna have to get a pair of these!!! The cheapest recommended ones i could find were 45-70 dollars.

  20. Lol at first I thought the earbuds said q on the side till u pointed that out.

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