In today’s episode of Back & Forth we go through RDCworld’s videos & choose the top 10 best ones?! Does your favorite video fit in the mix?? Find out today!!!

Back & Forth is a series where we discuss anime, video games, music and other pop culture topics!

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  1. Let’s face it all your videos are #1 worthy

  2. I feel like you guys should do more of a U setup than a line up when doing conversation vids like these. Just my 2 cents

  3. Black avenger definitely not higher than anime house

  4. y’all forgot the house tours

  5. It would be funny if they did a video called how the other series felt about not getting picked

  6. Yo what is that hoodie that Mark is wearing, looks dope

  7. Video game house deserves 3 and anime house deserves 2

  8. I like watching the bugs life it was so hallarios😂😂😂🤣😂😂🤣

  9. Nigga said we have dumb niggas in the group😂😂

  10. Y’all should’ve had a white board

  11. Damn, that's beautiful that yall can argue over which videos are top 10. Yall came along way

  12. The last avatar episode was the hardest

  13. How y’all forget “if anime took place in the hood”, that’s in my top 10

  14. I don’t think it should be Lebron it should be the entire nba finals cause even the draymond one was funny I say they’re at 2 and y’all blew up a lot from it


  16. This would be so much quicker if they all chose 1 favorites and then ranked them from what they have on the table

  17. You guys should consider live streaming so the fans can get involved too

  18. If this was after anime house 3 it’d definitely be top3

  19. 1. Anime too far
    2. Anime house
    3. Gaming house
    4. Hood avatar
    5. Lebron james
    6. Roach
    7. Horror movies
    8. Basketball
    9. Avengers
    10. Anime characters intelligence be like.

  20. funniest group on youtube 💯

    one day i hope we can collab i fwy heavy keep grinding keep inspiring small youtubers🙏🏽

  21. funniest group on youtube 💯

    one day i hope we can collab i fwy heavy keep grinding keep inspiring small youtubers🙏🏽

  22. Y’all are hella honest and humble about y’all videos. Y’all are young 🐐s

  23. Heard that nigga Leeland none fucking with lebron

  24. Hood Olympics should have been listed 🤦🏾‍♂️

  25. This made me go back to all the old videos 😂😂

  26. Leland hoodie hard tho

  27. If that's yall top 10 cool, but imma need CASH MONEY MAWWRK to be #11 😂

  28. What ever happened to affiong?

  29. y’all have to do best anime theme songs

  30. We still need Kids next door part 2!

  31. 21:41 that whole interaction had me weak

    “ you the one that said that “ 💀💀

  32. Turn these into a podcast and you can still upload the video just make the audio a podcast or y'all can just start a podcast seperate from the back and forth. All i want is something to listen to when i work or am doing something

  33. What about Popeyes vs Chick fill-a?

  34. Who else about to go back and watch these top 10 videos.

  35. Only ogs know but what about “Another scary move that’s not scary” that shit was funny

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