August Top 10 Bloopers of the Month | TSN SportsCentre


  1. Didn’t he go on to lose by one stroke?! (Number 9)

  2. Howard Stern should call baseball games. I’d might start watching.

  3. [3] What tennis wanker's who 'think' they're so professionals blame-their-tools to improve their amateur status should be thrown out! No excuse for such stupidity won't ever be given another chance.

  4. Tennis players wanna look tough so bad. Slamming those rackets lol

  5. To be fair, number 3 wasn't even the collision. It went out and over before they collided

  6. Wow you can get a penalty for violating a racket but not for violating freedom of speech.

  7. Dude #6 should be #1 oh my gaaah.

  8. Why? it was broken! 🤣

  9. 1:37 To be fair when your chick is that FINE, nothing feels like it can go wrong…

  10. @3:13 – 3:15 the ball came out of glove b4 collision.

  11. 3:13 ball came out of his glove before collision. Impending collision probably didn't help.

  12. You know we just clicked for the kiss, stayed for the garbage af Orioles

  13. The orioles are so bad😂

  14. Man. Being an Orioles fan has been rough the past 20 years.

  15. My poor beloved orioles…


  17. If my math is correct, all of these were Orioles highlights. Seems about right.

  18. I was gonna comment on last clip: that’s gonna leave a mark but it seemed so overly used. Then I saw the mark realized the remark would be redundant. So I didn’t say anything. Ok maybe I did. 😬

  19. My O's making this twice….sigh…

  20. Awesome to hear my man Todd Kalas here

  21. I never knew people still watch ESPN?

  22. Detroit tigers what a joke

  23. Only the Orioles…..

  24. Hey Youtube, I don’t want the damn TikTok app!

  25. #3 That's the Tigers year in a nutshell.

  26. #9 The announcer was right. Playing out of Bermuda IS hard, and trying a touch shot in it is REALLY hard. Not a fair Top Ten blooper.

  27. The last one you can see a red bump on his head

  28. Two Orioles bloopers in the top ten epitomizing their season!

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