Asmongold watches the Halloween special video by Madseason, showcasing the most scary things that you can find in World of Warcraft…
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  1. Daily Dose of Asmongold Reply

    Thank you all for watching! Apologizes for the lack of chat for a couple of minutes in the video, as always make sure to go like Madseason's video and also check him out on Twitch!

  2. Nefarious CJ Reply

    When It says "Kill, Them, All." That sends chills down my spine

  3. _ Certified Reply

    classic is already dying let's be honest here. still love it tho

  4. kadathsmith Reply

    The Room of the Upside-down sinners is from the Movie Big Trouble in Little China.

  5. Blue .Barrymore Reply

    for real though who does like asmon. he is hear to be hate watched for sure

  6. Noah Eachus Reply

    Once the part with furries came I was like, "kill me to scary"

  7. You know, Arthas could have just cut the entire city off and not let anybody out.
    Then, after the Scourge turned them all, he could have purged his city.
    Pretty sure Jaina and Uther wouldnt have much issue with killing 10.000 undead monsters.
    Drama averted.

  8. I miss when the scourge wasn't cartoony and goofy, just scary and cruel

    wtf happened how did flesh giants become less creepy over time???

  9. Greenchili Studioz Reply

    Number 1 is complete bullshit, should gone for Classic as that one is complete boring and torturer mess!!!!

  10. Greenchili Studioz Reply

    What about Iron Horde orcs that commit suicide in Gorgrond?!

  11. #YourIQDoesn'tMeanShitToMe Reply

    Holy shit I was one of the 17 likes at first, then I reconsidered. Way to miss out to BE IN A FAMOUS PERSON'S VIDEO I HATE MYSELF FOR THIS MISTAKE

  12. Brandon Rios Reply

    Since I grew up playing WoW since I was 3 I would remember finding all of those scary things and I would have nightmares

  13. Chad Swanson Reply

    Watching this makes me even more pissed at the poor attempt at a WOW movie Blizzard made.

  14. Matheus Felipe Reply

    i am inpressed with how all character in wow never are wrong, but sylvanas is the worst person in wow and did all wrong.

  15. Blizzard should capitalze off their lore and create a live action show for amazon or netflix. The arthas story alone would be viewed by millions.

  16. Iplay Videogames Reply

    Does anyone else hear " It's the Mad Season Show" during madseasons intro?

  17. Orclord Barbok Reply

    People who unironically think the WoW token is a bad thing are retarded.
    Great fucking Video

  18. Omw to annihilate the kids in goldshire. The evil must be purged. That is the most creepy shit I've seen.

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