Apple iPhone 6s vs 6s Plus Dual Unboxing and Comparison! (Rose Gold)

New Apple iPhones are here! Watch as I unbox the new iPhone 6s in Rose Gold and the iPhone 6s Plus and compare them to see which one is best. Both of these iPhones have the new 12MP Camera with 4K Video, 3D Touch, Taptic Engine, A9 Processor with 2GB of RAM and more! Best phones of 2015?

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  1. Can you play fortnite on iPhone 6s plus ?

  2. Rose gold Is my FAVORITE BTW KNOW IM LATE

  3. why is this in my recomendations?????????

  4. I'm watching this on a Samsung j2 pure 😭

  5. Rip the headphone jack on newer phones 🙀

  6. i hope i can have tooo


  8. I have the iPhone 6s 32gb in space grey and space grey is my favorite color it looks sleek and is a simple color overall

  9. My is gold and i have the gold iphone 6s plus

  10. Bout to be getting a iPhone 6s

  11. rose gold i phone 8 plus is my fav

  12. Who is getting a 6s or 6s Plus?????

    I’m getting an 6s

  13. silver 6s plu swith white front.white looks cleann and eye catchy .and blackkkk nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  14. My mum will get me the I phone 6s plus rose gold (I think) but my family like android better 😭😭😭

  15. I'm saving for a 6s Rose Gold

  16. Awesome Vid bro Im getting the iphone 6s plus and the portbale charge case to go with it too!!!🔥🔥💪💯

  17. I like just the regular gold

  18. I love the color rose gold

  19. Space grey is best

  20. Looking slim but I thing it's display should be more bigger appx. 6 inch like Samsung C9 pro for gaming.

  21. I'm late, I just picked up the 6s in rose gold ( love it). I had the option to get the space gray at a much cheaper promotional price, tempting but I just couldnt do the black panel look. I'm also coming from a white/gray 6 plus ( boring colors) I got it in 2014, so the 6s although smaller is still a great choice for me even in 2017.

  22. I'm watching this in 2018 the iphone 8 is so ugly don't get it it's horrible the camera is sooooo ugly dual camrran

  23. Apple iphone 6s plus rose gold

  24. What colour should I get silver or rose gold like for rose gold comment for silver cause I can't decide

  25. I really like the Space Grey because it goes with absolutely everything and the back is really nice, but I don't know how I feel about the black front. I really want the Rose Gold because it's really pretty but it goes with nothing and I think I will get sick of the colour in the future, plus I love the white front. So I think my only option is the Silver, it goes with everything, has a beautiful white front and the colour is the closest I could get to Space Grey. But, the gold has a white front and has a pop of colour, so I could get that one, but once again, it goes with nothing. I think Silver is my best option.

  26. I've downloaded 43 apps with 16gb and have more storage so I don't care

  27. space grey iPhone 6s plus

  28. What is the best on batre iphone 6s or iphone 6splus

  29. black iPhone ??? well ur wish has come true

  30. Gold iphone is the best

  31. please give it……..

  32. My my favorite Iphone colors are:
    1. Space grey
    2. Silver
    3. Gold
    4. Rose gold

  33. watching this on an android like😶

  34. my favourite colour is space gray too

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