Apple iPhone 6S Plus Rose Gold Unboxing/Hands on!

Just a quick unboxing of the new iPhone 6S Plus. Taking a quick look at the new packaging and what comes with it.

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– Karlos


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  1. Bangladesh Price please sar

  2. Getting this 4 years later ;-;

  3. im only gettin' one this september😳

  4. I'm go get me one Friday

  5. I love iPhone 6s plus

  6. I don’t know if anyone can hear it but I can it’s the heavy breathing really gets me cringe😭

  7. I’m getting the iPhone 6s Plus in August

  8. I am not being mean but I basically have just watched ma phone getting opened on the phone

  9. C un fau iphone il s est fait arnaquer!
    Croyer moi je mi conner en iphone😅

  10. that is not s iPhone 6s+ that is 6s

  11. The orange thibg on the the front is a fish… NOT a flower!! I'm officially triggered 😂

  12. Wonderful Iphone!

  13. What do you do with all the phone you don't use and you just keep in your room or in storage

  14. I have the iPhone 6s Plus in gold 64gb not bragging

  15. im getting the iPhone 6s plus on sunday if im be n good behaver

  16. That iPhone is fake because on the back they removed the extra stuff under the s

  17. I'd like to have a answer !

  18. Are you filming with an Iphone 6 ?

  19. that bitch butter 😍

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