Another Top 10 Shocking Red Carpet Outfits

Be sure to check our first list of the Top 10 Shocking Red Carpet Outfits:

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A few years have passed since our first list, and more shocking red carpet outfits have made their debut! Don’t say we didn’t warn you…For this list, we’re once again taking a look at celebrities who wore outfits on the red carpet, that for one reason or another had heads turning and jaws dropping. From Lady Gaga in an egg at the 2011 Grammy Awards, to Nicki Minaj bringing the Pope as her date to the 2012 Grammys, join MsMojo as we count down our picks for Another Top 10 Shocking Red Carpet Outfits!

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  1. Be sure to check our first list of the Top 10 Shocking Red Carpet Outfits:

  2. are you kidding me??? how is lady gaga not number one with her meat dress…

  3. MsMojo: is there anything Jay Leto can't do?
    Me: Play the Joker in his own movie?

  4. My number one would have been Rose McGowan's song and shredded dress combo at the MTV Awards with Marilyn Manson. Followed by JLo in the green Versace dress oh, because at the time it shocked everybody. Then Lady Gaga in her meat dress. Followed by Rihanna in the swarvoski crystal dress with a matching head wrap, it wasn't distasteful it was absolutely gorgeous but you could literally see her nipples and people were up in arms about it. Cher s Bob Mackie black plunging dress with the matching headdress oh, Lil Kim's purple VMA jumpsuit with her breast hanging out covered by seashell nipple pastie oh, because at the time it was shocking. Miley Cyrus with the white sheer dress over the black nipple pasties. Toni Braxton's White dress with the cutouts and the slits that went above her pelvic bone like all of these were more shocking than Jared Leto and his duplicate head

  5. How embarrassing! It's pretty insane how women objectify themselves like this on purpose.

  6. I always find it funny that the more expensive an outfit is… the less fabric it actually has.

  7. Stop, I'm trying to study for a test.

  8. Jared Leto is so epic!!! 🙂 I love him, Ezra Miller and Lady Gaga so much!! 🙂

  9. Please don't pronounce foreign names with an accent.

  10. Woah Poppy look at you! In a list like a real celebrity now.

  11. And here I thought #1 was gonna be Lady Gaga’s meat dress.

  12. That "build the wall" dress is not only ugly, but also very embarrassing..

  13. Poppy's dress looks like an old, ripped thneed from The Lorax

  14. I'd be more shocked if Kim K wore something that covered up her body and looked conservative.


  16. As if I thought Lady Gaga couldn't dress weirder than her meat dress

  17. Lady Gaga should be thrown in the circus, let the lions and tigers eat her! She one of the worst dressed celebrities!

  18. I think some of these ladies probably got sent home when in Middle and High School for dress code violations lol.
    Different? Yes.
    Jaw dropping? Definitely yes.
    Are we at a Porn shoot? Uhhh..maybe!
    Thanks Ms. Mojo! I LOVE watching your channel!

  19. The Kim dress was SO ugly! And the two who were wearing the mesh/chains thing are just copying what has already been done before.

  20. Love the met gala!

  21. #8 Is 'Mad Max Fury Road, but make it girly'.

  22. mojo: is there anything Jared Leto can’t do?

    people: The Joker

  23. A lot of weird outfits at the MET Gala.

  24. Leona Cheretti did it best.. Nikki uses the pope look is only one WORD…GHOST KISS THE GO GOAT..

  25. Kim no difference then see threw silk blouse worn in 1930s by Marlene Deedric

  26. Katty should be no 1😂😂😂

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