Another Top 10 Out of Genre TV Episodes

These out of genre TV episodes weren’t at all what we expected. We’re taking a look at more TV episodes that are inconsistent with a show’s usual genre, offering something completely different. If you don’t see one that you think should be here, be sure to check our original list on the topic! WatchMojo ranks the best out of genre TV episodes. Which out of genre episode caught you off-guard? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. If you think a certain out of genre episode is missing, make sure you watch our first list

  2. 200th supernatural episode the musical


  4. Did you do Xena: Warrior Princess the Bitter Suite in part 1? I don't remember.

  5. Xena Warrior Princess: The Haunting of Amphipolis was a crazy horror episode!

  6. We can't be on live TV, Scully, She just said F**k

  7. where was the scrubs musical episode that should have been on the list

  8. if buffy musical ties to the storyline then y is it on this this. btw im actually the only one who loves omwf

  9. Got 3 more for you, for out of genre episodes. The found footage style episode of Supernatural, the black and white Twilight Zone style episode of Felicity and the Muppet episode of Angel.

  10. If you were going for an episode of Atlanta, I thought it would be B.A.N. The one where the whole episode is a fake talk show complete with fake commercials.

  11. What scoobynatural that doesn't count!

  12. Community should be on here

  13. I do believe an episode of Eureka deserves a mention. It was the second Christmas episode where they all ended up animated. It was called, I believe, "Do You See What I see?".

  14. I like BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and I love MODERN FAMILY and the honorable mention of FAMILY GUY!


  16. In the UK MASH was always shown without a laugh track.

  17. MASH was shown in Europe without a laugh track for all episodes. There are reruns on a satellite channel and it's that version

  18. Umm, Robin breaking the 4th wall?

  19. Top 10 Silly terms made up by Millennials, please.

  20. The original charmed show did an episode as a reality game show as the demons host a show called witch war where demons competed to kill the charmed ones

  21. When you listen to really sad music in the Flash:😢😢😢😍

  22. Brian and stewie is my favorite from this list

  23. But I love the Connection Lost episode

  24. Musical episodes make me so uncomfortable

  25. Every time I see a show go full frontal broadway it just comes across as writers with no ideas defaulting to stupid.

  26. Mischievous is 3 syllables, not 4. Do not add an extra 'i' to it. It's mis-chuh-vuss not mis-chee-vee-us.
    And it's Once More With Feeling, not One More With Feeling. This twit says it right the first time, then at 12:31 says "One" instead of "Once".
    Goddamn I hate Phoebe. So awful.

  27. Atlanta is my favorite show!

  28. ronny/lily from barry should’ve been on here. i was screaming wtf the entire time and it became my favorite episode in the series

  29. Please, those Modern Family, Flash, and Buffy episodes were awesome, okay!!!

  30. The Buffy episode, Once more with feeling and The Arrowverse episode, Duet.

    Very left field ideas.
    Yet somehow, both series progressed in their plots of the seasons and had good musical moments too.

    Fun to watch.
    I enjoyed both.

  31. How about Baywatch goes Gilligan's island.

  32. the adventure time experimental episodes.

  33. The Nightman Cometh 🙌😍

  34. What about 'A little song and Dance' from Agent Carter or 'April Fools day' from Victorious

  35. You forgot House M.Ds episode where chase is guiding House through a flashback

  36. I’m glad I’m not the only one apparently that feels scoobynatural should have ranked #1

  37. 1 Teddy Perkins – Atlanta
    2 Ronny/lily – Barry

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