Another Top 10 Breaking Character Moments on Saturday Night Live

These breaking character moments on Saturday Night Live didn’t just have the cast members cracking up. We’re looking at instances where “SNL” hosts or cast members couldn’t keep it together during a sketch. However, we’re excluding specials and things that didn’t make it into the final show, so behind the scenes footage of Larry David dying of laughter while rehearsing a sketch will not be included. WatchMojo ranks the funniest breaking character moments on Saturday Night Live. Which breaking character moment put a smile on your face? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. fun fact, bill did develop the hand thing to mask his laughter. he said it would crack him up when seth would be so patient with stefon and that's where it originated from. then, john mulaney made it his mission to make bill break during every stefon sketch and, imo, it makes them that much funnier.

  2. Jamie Foxx looking like Willie Lopez from Ghost with that jerry curl in that sketch towards the end lol

  3. It’d be great if you didn’t talk over the damn sketches

  4. I've got a bad case of the can't help it's!


  6. Uh I don’t agree with your list, because you didn’t put Bill Hader on alexi breaking character

  7. They shoulda had Debbie Downer on here

  8. I wonder if there would even be enough times where Jimmy Fallon stayed in character to have a top 10.

  9. Stefen writer John Muleny always tried his best to make Hader laugh by putting surprise lines in for Hader to read

  10. Has nothing on Tim Conway busting up Harvey Korman.

  11. Ok, Will Ferrel is definitely trying to get a character break from David Spade in that drill sergeant skit.

  12. Still no Kate McKinnon and Tiffany Haddish Cat Skit?

  13. Absolutely love the "Fern here" skit.  I've seen this many times and it always kills me.  Gilda Radner rocked!

  14. justin bieber breaking character deserves an honorary mention lol

  15. Would have been great without commentary

  16. seriously though, how do they come up with this stuff?? *cringe

  17. I cannot believe that the Farley skit (In a Van Down by the River) was not even mentioned.

  18. It'd be nice if you actually showed more of the clips instead of showing 3 seconds and then talking over the rest with needless narration. We get it. They're breaking.

    But you have 21.3M subscribers, so I guess you're doing it right.

  19. Will ferrel old prospector skit basicly killed everyone

  20. The one that I laughed the most was when Eddie Murphy told the guy to shut up because he mest up😂😂

  21. I cant stand the new cast. the worst cast for many yrs. I didnt see it then when people talked about her but I do now. Kate tries way too hard to be funny and over acts. that mks her very annoying. I've stopped watching the show because I just dont laugh. The only funny ones are the ones left over from the great cast. kennon etc. All I can do is hope lorne gets a better cast next season. Ratings for snl are way down and now I know why.

  22. i’m a simple human. i see bill hader in the thumbnail, i click.

  23. Brian Cranston reminds me of Phil Hartman

  24. Y’all just keep uploading old videos

  25. I’m sorry but the game night sketch should at least be top 4

  26. The commentary makes this so much better.

  27. How about you don’t narrate and let everyone watch. Terrible video

  28. Debbie Downer at DisneyWorld? Literally the funniest sketch ever on SNL.

  29. Sure, talk over the best parts because you explaining it is sooo much better than actually watching it.

  30. "Californians Stuart got cancer" deserve to be on the list

  31. I don’t think we needed the in-depth explanation….watching the clips would be great

  32. Dammm maya was fine asff

  33. How did the Dave Chapelle breast milk skit not make this list?

  34. This is my first time seeing the Career Day sketch – HOLY SHIT Adan Driver is hilarious.

  35. Add Jimmy Fallon cause he breaks all the time

  36. Show clips. Stop talking. I mean fuck, we can hear

  37. Watch mojo really sucks sometimes. Where the fuck is the Debbie Downer with Lindsay Lohan?

  38. It’s been said that John Mulaney would rewrite the cue cards from the rehearsals, so Hader had no idea what he was to say until he was reading it..

  39. Why all the commentary?

  40. No mention of the Debbie Downer sketch at Disney? Shameful omission….whoomp,whoomp!!

  41. Cut the female announcer reading a cheesy script and just show us the clips.

  42. #5 How'd you not include the Chicken-Mon part😂😂😂

  43. 9-28-19 Woody Harrelson episode update coming soon. Aidy, Cecily, and even Kate broke bad. Aidy and Cecily shattered.

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