AKA On My Top 10 at 10

Kiernan Jarryd Forbes popularly known as AKA on My Top 10 at 10 with the Best T in the City talking about his music career and his sneaker collaboration with Reebok.
Watch the full episode here:
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  1. Haha that's robbery though, he wanted them on the spot, don't say you will deliver them Nooo.. this was a nice 6:56 minutes to watch i enjoyed it.

    Kiernan is slowly claiming that Legendary status. Power Move Only!!!!!

  2. Great interview. Wish i can do a pen potrait for Super mega n hand it to him myself.

  3. Mega putting Cass on a collab with Nike

  4. "Students must fall" 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣
    I loved the interview #SupeMega #Megacy

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