Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts (Diagram)

I Guarantee I Can Teach You to Master Photoshop. Learn How:

Even if you’re not a professional, using keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop will drastically shorten the amount of time it takes to edit photos.

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  1. ترجم عربي لو سمحت

  2. First of all, congratulations for your work. Then I wanted to ask you a question I saw that you rotate the brush quickly, I think with a keyboard shortcut, I searched the net but I found nothing. Can you tell me how to do it? Thank you!

  3. photoshop cc is killing me
    i'm so used to photoshop

  4. This saved my life. I love you Man!

  5. Hi bro

  6. I have a prob everything dosnt work for me even simple shortcuts please help

  7. thank u so much for your good information. Will you tell me which button is the key button that use as a clipping musk . please tips me.

  8. whenever i click shift button in PS 6.content aware window comes… please help me

  9. Where can I download that Edgar Allan Poe wallpaper

  10. Most of these aren't working on my (adobe) Photoshop Elements Editor.

  11. in windows version of photoshop, you can move through different options in layer panel, or in cameraw presets using Up/Down arrow keys. on mac version, I can't do such a thing. anybody know why and how to solve this?

  12. Awesome video, but now that we are into 2018…have found a way to change the HUD Color picker… control, option, command, and RMB is a bit long for a shortcut

  13. Thank you, you are one of the best teachers I ever learned from

  14. how to rotate brust (short cut) plz any one ?

  15. you talk to fast, otherwise thanks

  16. convert to smart objec how to set in keyboard shourtcut
    tell me plz

  17. thanks Aaron for this I love and hate shortcuts . I love it for others but for me I hate it specially if I am following a video tutorial I am the one going to the menu and tools and searching . I am disabled and have one hand and five fingers shorcuts in Photoshop is a night mare and most times it is easier to use the menu then the short cuts yes it is longer but it gets it done when I I use short cuts I have to turn on Stickey keys for each shortcuts command when I use them it is so confusing to me I hate specially when you follow a tutorial or video tutorial and they giving you directions and they say press Short cut and not tell you where to go if you use the menu and that takes up extra time looking I wish the would give the shortcode and the location in the menu both I know that Aaron gives both out … thank you Aaron I do not have trouble using short cuts any other program but Photoshop .. I tried the voice command programs most times it does not recognize what I say or it works opposite from Photoshop I wished they would build a special keyboard for photoshop and its shortcuts for those who are one handlers

  18. what key u r referring as OPTION KEY in windows ? please specify ?

  19. When I hover over my tools, nothing pops up. 🙁

  20. Alt + Right Click is the correct keystroke pattern in CS6.

  21. 🤔 Am I hearing or seeing this right? When your in the keyboard shortcut dialogue box for Gaussian blur you're saying "shift + Option + Command + G" but the dialogue box is showing "Option + Shift + Command + G". I guess either will work, I went with the later. Just sayin'.

  22. Cool shortcuts but what about "Control + Command + F" for last filter used? 🤔

  23. How can i delete a seleced section?

  24. when im pressing alt and ctrl its doing for me move and not larger brush what shuld i do?

  25. how change photoshop full colour??in different colour

  26. How to zoom in & zoom out when using brush tool

  27. How can I transfer from an tab image to another one by a shortcut in photoshop if I'm already opening several images at the same time in several tabs?? Your help is appreciated 🙂 thanks in advance 🙂

  28. You should flash the shortcuts key on your screen someone can easily understand

  29. Andy,Sounds incrediblysimple (welcome to my world) but you mention list of often used sc you use and I can't see them?

  30. How do you cut things out of an image you dont want

  31. Searching in my keyboard while watching video Can't find it )Frustrated, learns nothing

  32. Can you tell me how to preset trees into my render when I am using the pen tool? Thank you for this great video. 🙂

  33. 1:02 so im gonna show you guys just a quick example of how i use keyboard ftpfr ahhy keyboard shortcuts and then……

  34. thanks for the tip.
    i looking specific for the " control option" thank!

  35. Is there any strictly additional made keyboards just for adobe for shortcuts alone without you having to create hot keys?

  36. and also, you start with PC and Mac and then ended only with mac shortcuts, cannot believe i lost 10min of this crap

  37. for brush size its not ctrl+alt, its just alt + right click, your are tripping dude

  38. Was literally searching to see if you made a video like this. THANK YOU 😀

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