add expander card on HP DL380 G9


  1. سلام – ممنون خوب بود.

  2. Thank you very mutch for this video. Only one question: Can I upgrade the raid card with an existing raid configuration? Thanks for any replay.

  3. Thank you so much for video ❤

  4. Thank you my friend! This was very helpful. 👌

  5. Excellent video. This is exactly what I am doing soon at work.

  6. Nicely done, great information, the flow on the tutorial was great. Very helpful as I am getting ready to perform the same operation.

  7. I love my Persian speaking ppl!

  8. MashAllah very good video and clear explanation.

  9. Thank you so much for your video. It helped me a lot.

  10. can you provide the HP part #s for the drive bay and cables?

  11. what about ports 3 and 4?

  12. Thanks for making this type of video it is very useful for learners.

  13. By far the best video on this subject on YouTube. Thanks! gave ya a like and subscription.

  14. Thanks, I have expanded to 24 disks by flowing you video.

  15. Thank you very much,

  16. Yes!  Thank you SO much!  I was totally stuck, and you helped me get past a fundamental misunderstanding.  I assumed the expander card communicated through the PCI slot.. and I should leave existing cabling in place, and just add a cable connecting the new (second) cage to the expander card.  I didn't realize the expander needed to get connected to the existing CONTROLLER.  Also my drive cage and expander came with eight different sets of cables… and I was having trouble figuring out which one to use.  As soon as you got to the part about "UNPLUG your existing cables from original cage to the controller" my mental light bulb turned on.  Ah Ha!!  Glory be.  Thanks so much!

  17. Just wanted to say thank you.  Had to do this and it was exactly what I needed.

  18. Thanks for the info, question, any risk to the original (cage 1) raid array when you add the second drive cage and new drives? We don't want to loose the data/config on the original drives. Thanks

  19. Hi,
    Could you please let me know what is the Part no of the Mini SAS Cable which is used to connect in between P440ar/2G FIO Controller & 12Gb SAS Expander Card?

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