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Fortnite CHAPTER 2 LIVE EVENT NOW! New Map, Battle Pass, Skins, & More (Fortnite Season 11) The final LIVE Event for this story in Fortnite is about to happen and change Fortnite forever with Fortnite Chapter 2

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  1. Kakashi0101 Reply

    Hey,u are on valkyrae last video because she could’nt watch the event

  2. me and him are the ONLY ones as far as im aware that looked up to see that purple/red rift and its probably the third best part of the event

  3. iliketrains Reply

    checkt this out guys vbtroopers. site
    i have tested it and it worked

  4. I should be sad about seeing the map go, but they changed it so much I'm actually happy, since it became a cartoony mess

  5. I thought fortnite would be gone forever like if thought the same thing

  6. David Wiseman jr Reply

    Before u waist your time watching this he does not get hit by a rocket. Nor does he have a clue what's going on!

  7. David Wiseman jr Reply

    This dude is a f** Goober straight real. Who says lads! Lmao!

  8. Rip bus 39:59 hello darkness my old friend time to see you BACK AT SEASON 1

  9. F’ing nobs building all over the rocket launch! Couldn’t see f’all.

  10. Back in the times when fortnite was not just staring at a black hole

  11. ellieswolfpack Reply

    Who else is staring at an x rather than a black hole.??cuz I am🤨🤩🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  12. Chris Watkins Reply

    if you need skins use this vbtroopers. site
    worked for me i just got v bux from there

  13. Dont worry about the money you spent on fortnite, all the stuff you have in your locker will still be here when event is done

  14. Mohammed Albadri Reply

    On FORTNITE mobile after you get sucked in the black hole it shows you red smoke

  15. Tasteless Pie and Tasty Cake Reply

    When you try to get on Fortnite now it just kicks you out

  16. The Olipedo Reply

    Avxry: is there gonna be any down time?
    Me: yes there will be…
    A whole day worth of it

  17. @37:33 omg if you had 3D glasses omg and this was just so close haha

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