802.11n driver installation


  1. Hi! pls share me the download link.

  2. Thank you so much..this actually works I have seen all the videos regarding drivers couldn't find any solution at all but this video is really true and I successfully installed driver on my pc…thanks you sir once again

  3. how to download link . it is not downloading

  4. You are the best, it work👍👍👍👍👍

  5. Thank you very much and it works ! Cheers

  6. Bro it cannot be downloaded please help me.

  7. Thanks so much bro, it's workin' man!

  8. Please.which link am I.Using to download the driver setup

  9. It's saying it doesn't exist. Windows Vista sucks. No wonder MS dumped it.

  10. thank you soo much dude.

  11. Not working T_T sad

  12. Doesn't work for me :'(

  13. Thank you very much for providing the driver. It is working wonderfully, friend!

  14. In my system after installing the software the a black icon was formed and it was shown that IEEE 802.11 wlan Not exit

  15. veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy thanks…..

  16. Thanks bhai its really works

  17. hehe workddddd
    thnkzz bro

  18. mine does not show Swith to Ap mode, only have Launch Config Utility and Exit. PLEASE HELP

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