#56 #loannguyen_ Get rid of BLACKHEADS for the LONGEST time, 44 minutes_tratamiento del acné

Hello friends. Today I have a 44 minute video sharing for everyone. hope this video will become the top of my channel views. If you find it interesting, then like and share will help Loan. thank you very much
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  1. Listen up folks—you have to watch it at .05 It is so wonderful. Give it a try.

  2. 1000000000000% eye candy!!! Thank you!!!!!

  3. Am I the only guy watching this??🤔

  4. Good video, but I do wish you would learn to get all the contents out.

  5. I hate these dirty gloves.

  6. Loan, you are amazing! Your technique is so gentle. You EASILY are one of the best in the world… That would be why SO many steal your great videos! ❤️ From Ohio!

  7. For those of you who have ANYTHING negative to say about this video or LoAn's work.. how about we take video of you doing YOUR job and have people from HALF a world away criticize how you're not doing it the way THEY would! Stop pretending that you're an internet clinician!!! Sit down, enjoy it go watch puppies and kittens!!!

  8. Job well done, Loan! I have been subscribing your channel for quite awhile now and been watching your marvellous job. It gives real satisfaction on how you are popping the blackheads out. You are the best by far!!

  9. I hope you will be doing videos of this length more often…even if its more than 1 client

  10. These are some of the best pop's I have seen in a while, really cool and gross too. The gross part is isn't the actual popping, it's the fact that you put the pooped nastiness on your nasty blood stained gloves.
    Can't you tap the pooped pimples in a cup or glass, or even a paper towel? Can't you take a moment to change your gloves when you change areas, especially after large popped area's.
    I can't imagine having this done is free, if it were me sitting there getting pinned, poked, squeezed and bloodied, just to have a few falls back on my face. I would be furious.
    I want to give you a thumbs up, but I can't because of how unsanitary some of your methods are, but I don't give thumbs down either.

  11. Im completely satisfied

  12. Love these videos and I watch them for hours, so thank you for sharing

  13. Goodness, wonder how his face felt to him once Loan was done… lighter, not so tight.

  14. Great video. I was just waiting for you to go behind the ears. Always some little surprises hid in there.

  15. From the looks of the ( pits on her face she should have seen you years ago you are good🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

  16. The music is horrible 🎹🎻🎸🎧🙉🤢🤢🤢

  17. Wow, the weird and wonderful shapes of the acne! Like snowflakes, no two are the same 😂

  18. Fantastic to see the entire face. Thank you Loan!

  19. Great vid all round ! Technician great, extractions great and excellent camera work. Keep it up

  20. 32:15 she's gonna get ya…you can't run from Loan, she's got a microscopic shovel to the naked eye. "Loan, the grave digger"

  21. ele tá chorando? kkkkkkkk lol

  22. Change the filthy gloves and play soothing music

  23. You are the best of the best!! So glad to see your name on those magnificent gloves.So many stealing your work because you're excellent at what you do and have the best client's. Also, thanks for doing the entire face!!!!💘💞💖💕💓

  24. Please keep it cleaner

  25. Loan, you literally pop pimples in every 1~2 seconds. altogether taking less than 3 seconds until you move on to the other spots.
    So fast and accurate!!!!
    You are the best!!

  26. Anyone notice at 12:07 that her fingernail went right through the glove…and so much blood! Please be careful Loan.

  27. This face is litteraly a gold mine!

  28. Leaving half the continents in the pore.

  29. Awesome! Love, love, love this video! Great job! Me encantó! From Puerto Rico, Gloria. Thank you.

  30. Makes me frustrated that she didn't totally clean some of the blackheads 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  31. Excellent and Wonderful Job!
    Thank you so much Loan!

  32. Sheer bliss. Thank you!

  33. One of your videos has been stolen. https://youtu.be/-r9c6RQdjAw

  34. excellent zit popping video !!

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