#55 #loannguyen_Special ACNE removal technique only available at Loan Nguyen Spa

Spa loan nguyen nguyen professional acne treatment in Danang, Vietnam.
Base 1: 135/1 Le Dinh Ly
Base 2: 149/5 Le Dinh Ly
Da Nang city. call / zalo: 0905.712.220
Folk Round của Kevin MacLeod được cấp phép theo giấy phép Creative Commons Attribution (
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  1. Eu fico curiosa pra saber se estas pessoa fez um tratamento de acne ou só retirou o que tinha.

  2. in such a big hurry you don't get it all out…ridiculous

  3. Too much blkhead left in!

  4. You're good. Now I'd like to see less mess. The gloves become completely invisible as they get covered in blood and pus. Hard to stay focused on the job you are doing.

  5. Chop shop! Poor client came to be butchered. Nasty. I unsubscribed

  6. 🇮🇹 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  7. One of my favourite. Many blackheads, some pus, not so much blood. Perfect

  8. Alot of pores left full….drive me nuts!!!

  9. Half empty pores: main argument is since these videos are for our entertainment, then completely emptied pores are a MUST. Saying “they are completed later” is a major cop out! Coverups for your favs don’t cut it! Other excuses make things worse for these techs! Don’t embarrass yourself,and say” they have a business to run”. The procedures need not run through the full video, we are asking to empty EACH pore as you video.

  10. What gets me, is that you remove puss but then go ahead go on puncturing skin without cleaning the needle 🙄

  11. Really wish youd empty the pores out better

  12. Such a freakin’ butcherie!!!! Poor client. 😩

  13. Better watch out for those juicy ones, right Miss Loan? 😄😄😄You're the best! 👏👏👏👌❤

  14. Great video! Loved the change in music.

  15. Good pops, good video, EXCELLENT music!

  16. You worked your petutti off! Good job.

  17. For some reason this music reminded me of Guiligan’s Island. 😂

  18. I enjoy your videos, but I was distracted by the continual wiping of the skin with the dry cotton pad. That can't be good for the customer's skin. Do you use any sort of cleansing or topical cream when you are done? Your camera person was much steadier & I love the name on the gloves as well. Great theft deterrent! Keep up the good work. I look forward to the next video.

  19. Them gloves turns into a shit show half way into the vid. Ever consider changing them?

  20. They would never do this to their own face!

  21. The music is beautiful!!🌱

  22. https://youtu.be/X88gL0sWPTc is stealing your videos.

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