#5 #loannguyen- what acne is so big

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  1. Do you ever wonder if they are making their clients face worse by all sticking, picking, and squeezing. I wonder where they get all those with such bad acne. I don't see that much in the USA.

  2. this music kills me! lol!

  3. Oh my word that person just let their face go like that. That's horrible and disgusting she can't possibly get all those out his face will look like someone shot bb's at him close up wow. It looks like every tiny spot on his face is a big lump that is just nasty how can anyone let their body go like that. I'm sorry but that is just being dirty.

  4. Does anyone know who this is playing the music?

  5. I’d be picking my face every dam day if it looked like this

  6. Really want to take that needle out of your hands quit flicking it in and out of her face you’re making much more damage than you need to

  7. Enjoyed the video several times. Only two things would make it an excellent video. 1.make sure pires are empty. 2.keep the junk ar least behind first finger joint so the old stuff doesn't detract from the new extractions. Thank you

  8. I endured this acne adult since I am 40+ years old. It didn’t have any better. I didn`t experience acne previously. Soon after using this acne guide “Kαtοnοz tdα” (Google it) for 2 weeks, I observe noticeable effects. I am using this treatment for 2 months now and became comfortable again. .

  9. 나 이영상 보고 돌아버리겟다

  10. I have watched this twice in a row. It’s a unique video.

  11. I have watched this twice in a row. It’s a unique video.

  12. I am unsubscribing from your channel because you deliberately do not squeeze out ALL of the contents before moving on to the next spot.

  13. Stop and clean off the bacteria on the skin! What causes these type of blockages? Heat, humidity, hormones, diet, hygiene or environmental bacteria? Estheticians and dermatologists only…

  14. Music was what ruined it

  15. What's wrong with me? Why do I like watching these videos?

  16. How come these folks don't clean their own faces?

  17. Me: me satisfied 😃

    Me BFF:WHAT THE F..😫🤢🤮



  20. need to completely clear the pore out or pimple comes back

  21. I can’t imagine having acne like this if I had that type of acne I wouldn’t stop popping it and touching it it would become so much worse

  22. You obviously have gauze. Why not put the gunk on the gauze instead of saving it for later on the gloves?

  23. Write your name or put a symbol on your gloves. People are copying. I think this is on PoanLimp channel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuxjcNvEut8

  24. So sad to see young people like this. I want to cry.
    I have been blessed with a clear complexion.
    It's terrible to have to go through this.

  25. That looks like chloracne from something like agent orange.

  26. and yes, we want postings of before and after photos. others are doing it now

  27. Why don't you do a few washes here and there?

  28. Who else wanna see the before and after popping ✋

  29. Did anyone see the hair popped out too?!😅🙌

  30. There is someone by the name of "Dr. Alice" that is stealing your videos. Also, goes by the name of "Snake".

  31. It looks like a great way to spread infection

  32. They’re deliberately not removing all of the detritus. If they keep just enough inside the pore, they’ll be able to do another lucrative video again the following week.

  33. Awesome job of getting all the funk out of the pores with a minimal amount of squeezing!

  34. What a terrible case of cystic acne! Person needs to be on antibiotics!

  35. They're going so fast and not even removing everything!! Those pores are not going to heal up, they are just going to fill right back up again because they were never empty. But I guess that's good for business because that means they're going to come back again.. I literally cannot even finish watching. I got like 2½ minutes in and had to stop, I got so mad!

  36. Does anybody else like the music to this video?

  37. I could watch #5 over and over, I like how this person works on this face😉

  38. Please empty the pores completely and stop wiping the debris on your gloves!

  39. I really want to watch this but why can’t you wipe on a tissue or gauze

  40. Do these people never wash their faces? I don’t understand how they can have so many blocked pores

  41. I like the volunteer ones push on one and an extra comes out

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