Check out a collection of crafting ideas that you haven’t seen before:
-Watch this video and you will find how to make hot glue oreo mold to make various polymer clay crafts. Firstly, take an oreo cookie and cover it with hot glue. Let dry and remove the cookie. Now you an oreo mold to make, for example, cute keychains.
-Turn a spoon into a super-cute pendant. It will be a beautiful jewelry item in your collection
-Let’s start from the easiest project – bracelets made from popsicle sticks. Apply any picture on a popsicle stick and place into a high glass to give it a round shape. This craft project will take only a couple of minutes
-You can make cute summer earrings from wine corks or even shells. Find a tutorial!
Polymer clay is a perfect material to make different kinds of jewelry. For example, you will find a tutorial on how to make heart-shaped earrings that look so cute!
-You can grow crystals at home! Take a glass and fill it with hot water, add alum powder and dye. Stir properly attach a ring to any stick using a string and place inside the glass and let crystalize. But do not dip the ring entirely, only a part of it
-You can make a delicious lip balm using only bounty bar and clear lip balm. Remove the chocolate from bounty bar, place in a small bowl and add EOS lip balm. Microwave and pour into empty lip balm container. Let cool and use!
-You can easily make a super delicious milkshake. Place 2 bars of snickers in a blender, add ice-cream and milk. Beat, cover with whipped cream and enjoy!

00:09 Oreo keychain
00:29 Jewelry ideas you should try
01:36 How to grow crystals at home
05:28 Hot glue crafts
08:13 Polymer clay earrings
09:08 DIY Cake toppers


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  1. Wow thanks to 5 minutes craft

  2. this is how much people think your poor


  3. Your diy's dont evan work

  4. this is the worst video ive ever seen in my life.

  5. Am I the only one who doesn’t have epoxy?

  6. I hope this channel dies

  7. 5:45 pretty sure that has never happened to anyone in the history of the universe

  8. 0:48 It doesn't work. Popsicles break. Even wet one also. WHY??🤔

  9. Hágalo bien o no lo haga. Xd

  10. Did they just-Waste an oreo?!?!?!?!?

  11. 8:32 what doe sthis have to do with diy??

  12. Why they didnt show the comb, cuz it nu work

  13. Half of the crafts: Involves earings Me: Doesnt even have ears pierced


  15. Que curioso. 🤗sigan mi canal

  16. Cool but what’s not cool is when you wasted that oreo

  17. is it just me or is this channle showing less click bate?

  18. 5 min craft, I love this!!

  19. 3:20 yeah everyone just has random rhinestones laying around alright

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