2020 Mock Draft – Top 10 | PFF

PFF’s Mike Renner and Austin Gayle take turns picking for the projected top 10 teams in the 2020 NFL Draft.
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  1. This dude on the left is just downs

  2. Would really be curious what Vernon Gholstons overall grade was coming out of Ohio State.

  3. The Broncos aint taking a LB they have Alexander Johnson. They need OL and they need to see if Drew Lock is the guy otherwise I’d take Tua.

  4. Dolphins need Andrew Thomas

  5. Dah-mon Harrison?

  6. I don't see how anyone could pass up CMC at the 1.01 with the year he's had. Bad list

  7. Why the would the falcons choose a receiver? It’s an edge or CB

  8. Praying the Eagles get Lamb, Shenault, or Ruggs 🙏🏻

  9. Denver would not pass on herbert

  10. Why tf do people think the Broncos need a linebacker. We have so many good ones.
    Elway wouldn't draft Herbert either. You guys made no sense.

    We are either getting an OT, then WR, then CB.

  11. Mike Renner got better hair than your girl.

  12. also, and, again, i don't wish to confuse you guys will too much complex thought, but the bengals ought to take chase young even if they want joe burrow. why? because then they can extort joe burrow and a few other picks from the giants for chase young. so they always win on every level by taking chase young, but all you can do is say "oooh,, QB is important, oooh."

  13. you guys have it all wrong. while the value of a QB may be much higher than the value of an edge rusher, but it often (mostly) takes years to figure out if a QB is any good. you pretty much know that chase young changes yoiur team but you really have no clue if joe burrow will work out at all. so even if a fully realized joe burrow is more valuable than a fully realized chase young, chase young would always be the pick to make

    you are the kinda guys who pick george rogers over lawrence taylor and then have the audacity to claim to know something about anything mathematical at all. this is not quanitative analysis but pseudo scientific clown show. so at least get the right shoes for what you do here!

  14. If giants get chase young it’s LT all over again

  15. WR for ATL? Seriously? Defense, Defense, Defense

  16. As a Bengals fan I like joe burrow but give me chase young a once in a lifetime pass rusher no matter how good the Bengals rookie class is they will finish last in the division

  17. The dolphins would pick Andrew Thomas or trade down

  18. Hey I watch every single one of the pff YouTube videos and love the content. Just curious are you guys ever looking for more employees?

  19. So with Atlanta"s garbage d they take a wr? Julio has a huge contract, and Ridley will be due a new 1 before you know it. Nah, they better take a Fulton or whoever the best dl or db on the board. Redskins too.

  20. Jeffrey Okudah isnt even going in the top 10 not at 3 lmfao

  21. so mike renner has andrew thomas playing for the redskins and cardinals? 😀

  22. Atlanta doesn’t need another receiver. We need a DE, DT, or CB

  23. I’d definitely take Andrew Thomas over Jerry Jeudy at #4. I think he’s a mauler in the run game and he’s a solid pass protector with quick feet. The receiver class is so deep that they can grab one in the second (pick we acquire for Trent) or third round. He’s my favorite prospect coming into the draft obviously behind chase young.

  24. why the fuck would the falcons take Lamb when they have Julio, Ridley and Hooper

    are you stupid?

    they need a running back and players on defense

  25. The Giants will screw this up cause I know from experience. They always disappoint on draft day.

  26. Renner you need to control your hands bruh haha

  27. Pff make a madden draft class plz

  28. According to PFF pass coverage is more important than pass rush, so why shouldn’t the Giants take Okudah instead of Chase Young?

  29. Dude on the left shouldn’t be allowed in these videos… WR is the Falcons strongest position. Why tf would they pick CeeDee Lamb when they already have two #1 wideouts??

  30. just wrong!!! Miami goes for a QB!!!

  31. Why are the Giants at #2? They'd have to lose to the Dolphins and the Redskins.

  32. Lamb to Falcons this isn’t madden lol we need Edge I’d take lamb in 2nd thou


  34. I love that ya'll brought up the fact that 3 WR's now start in this league. It's why I believe the Raiders should take 2 WR's in the first round to complete the offense. Use the rest of the picks this year and even in 2021 to address the defense and aging offensive line. Mike Mayock can find those defensive gems in the later rounds 🌟

  35. Giants have Dixie Cup Dave Gettlefish. So they won’t do anything right. Chase Young, come on. You think he knows how make a team? He’s going kicker at 2. Wake up

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