15 Amazing Photoshop Shortcuts You Aren't Using

If you wanna be a Photoshop power user, you shouldn’t deny the usefulness of hotkeys (Keyboard Shortcuts).

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts improve your everyday workflow and give an absolute boost in your productivity.

These hotkey combinations will certainly come in handy for every Photoshop user not matter if you are a Windows or OS X user!

📘 INDEX – Photoshop Keyboard Combinations

00:42 – 01 – Clone Tool Shorcuts
02:02 – 02 – Load Luminosity
03:01 – 03 – Lock Transparent Pixels
03:36 – 04 – Restore Liquify
04:28 – 05 – Puppet Warp
05:08 – 06 – Cycle Through Brush List
05:38 – 07 – Activate Layer Mask
06:19 – 08 – Fill Only Opaque Pixels
07:09 – 09 – Restore Last Selection
07:30 – 10 – Change Brush Size and Hardness
07:46 – 11 – Revert File
08:17 – 12 – Increase Space Between Characters – Kerning
08:39 – 13 – Pick Colors Outside of Photoshop
09:22 – 14 – Cross-Hari on Painting Tools
10:10 – 15 – Bonus – Banana Tool


Puppet Warp Tool Fully Explained

Make Custom Brushes

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● Photoshop video tutorials by Jesus Ramirez

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  1. I'll definitely do it I have subscribed very interesting channel sir keep it up

  2. Thanks Man, u save my time….!💚

  3. Hello, how can I set the shortcut key for PS adjustment layer, such as curve adjustment layer. I remember a video said before, but I don't remember how to operate it.

  4. Hi, the brush red color preveiw is disappeared from my photoshop cc 2019, I try all the solutions (change cursor color , reset preference..) plz csn u help me how to appear the red overlay preveiw on brush cursor

  5. In my six years of experience, I haven't come across these shortcuts. Thank you!

  6. Problem solved. haha. CAPSLOCK . . Thank you Sir

  7. I had to reset all my tools thinking I clicked something haha I’m happy I’m not the only one

  8. First of all, congratulations for your work. Then I wanted to ask you a question I saw that you rotate the brush quickly, I think with a keyboard shortcut, I searched the net but I found nothing. Can you tell me how to do it? Thank you!

  9. Oh yeah that caps lock key had me panicked.

  10. Damn!!!!!!! I have uninstalled my photoshop at least a 100 times to fix this problem… Oh GOD!!! Thank you so much

  11. I figured out the caps lock thing because I went to search how to fix the problem and I was typing in capitals, realised the link. It was crushing my soul.

  12. Thanks for CAPSLOCK. I dont need to restart my pc to show up again the brush outline 😀

  13. What about German or European Keyboards.

    I don't have extra keys like the backslash key, left/right square bracket or greater than etc.
    I have the newest MacBook Pro.

  14. Stamp Tool adjustments was most helpful

  15. All shortcuts that you shared are great Jesus! Thank you so much

  16. capslk omg thanks for that

  17. ahahahahah CASP LOCKKKKKK :))))

  18. Clone tool adjustment and puppet warp! 🤯😬Thank you!!!

  19. Caps Lock key… you're probably lying if you say this never happened to you!!! (Didn't uninstall though)

  20. mate Ive learned a lot from your video's thank you very much

  21. that caps lock really explained a lot. even though my preference is set to the preview brush, it has somehow become a crosshair…thank you.


  23. PLease when ever using Pen tool, selecting between the sub function is very hectic is there any shortcut?

  24. yes it has happend to me :)))

  25. I will be forever grateful for the clone tool tips.. ur the best man… And that CAPS lock really tripped me up, but thanks to you I'm over that now

  26. You are by far the best YouTube photoshop teacher/mentor. Very straight to the point with so much useful photoshop tips. Thank you for taking your time to show us less educated photoshopers

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