💲Top 10 Worst States in Taxes. States with the highest taxes.

Top 10 Worst States in Taxes. States with the highest taxes.
What is going on everyone? Do you hate paying taxes? I do. It sucks. This video is a list of what states stick it to you on taxes. This video isn’t about property tax, that subject got its own list. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the list. Be nice to each other.
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  1. I just want to point out that it’s almost insulting Connecticut isn’t on this list. All we do is get taxed and even though property and sales tax is “high” we have smaller taxes and “petty taxes”

    We have an alcohol and sugar tax instead of your %6.75 sales tax you pay %10

    Connecticut will find a way to siphon cash out of your wallet

  2. In your opening, you said you were only counting income and sales tax. Is that correct?

  3. California is number one in taxes, illegals (where much of our tax money goes) and bought off politicians are not cheap. Too bad very little goes where they say it is going.

  4. Briggs, do a top 10 least taxed states, our I'll never stop typing, and I won't be nice to everyone.

  5. How is Rhode Island not on here 😂

  6. Rumor has it the NJ Treasury Dept is developing insertable nose meters so they can tax the air we breathe

  7. Wow! Minnesota has the highest taxes of any state I've been to? Only California ranks worse? That's crazy!

  8. Wise ass! Why'd you offer a guy in Maine a turd for a brain?

  9. For California, you forgot to list that we (yes, I live in CA) has the highest gas taxes in the nation. And Newsom, our ass-hat of a governor, is taking gas taxes away from road repair, which we were told the gas taxes were for, and are using them for his "Green Program", which mean shuttling money off to useless pet projects that won't do dick.

  10. You're a wise ass. Why'd you have a "turd for a brain"? Damn, Briggs.

  11. I have to start typing. DC is not a state. Freaking you, Briggs.

  12. Oh Yes, it has become quite sad here in California. Taxes (both income and sales) are just crazy high. If you are unfortunate to live in one of the counties that add an additional sales tax to the state's, you can be paying a whooping 10% in sales tax for that generator (that we all seem to need now days). Add on top of those outrageous taxes, California's taxes on fuel (both gasoline and diesel); and you have the perfect recipe for milking hard earned monies from California's residents. Then, if you are a small business owner like me, things even get worse in fees and taxes. One of the only areas that in in the reasonable column, would be property taxes and the old prop 13 that protects some of the older established residents from an overzealous tax assessor. So the question to me from Briggs mights be why do you stay? The answer comes back as weather and family. I can make plans to see my grandkids this weekend or next, and weather will not be the deciding factor of whether the plans come together or not. On the other hand, maybe a large wildfire between here and there would be a factor. Stupid California!

  13. Hey! You live where I do! How does Oregon rate on your list of people being raped with nothing to show for it? Just wondering 🤔

  14. No mention of property taxes…….?

  15. Once you live in California, every place seems cheap.

  16. Meh, this video doesn’t actually represent an accurate accounting. In Illinois we have tolls, local and state, real estate taxes that are out of control, not to mention that the city of Chicago has a nearly 11% sales tax. I’m looking forward to moving. 2021 I hope

  17. Wisconsin we by food for the slugs of wefare

  18. That lady in the upper right corner in the mauve coat at 1:02 (and her ilk) are the bane of my existence. What personality type is that? Pure Asshole

  19. I live in New Hampshire. No sales tax, no state income tax. No complaints from me about that.

  20. Sales tax in LA is actually 10 and a quarter!

  21. Virginia didn't make the list??? Hell we pay a tax on a vehicle when u buy it and a tax on it every year. You don't own your house when it is paid gor the county does.

  22. Minnesota not a bad place to live, hahahahaha…Winter starts in October and ends in June. Friendly? Not so much. Huge immigrant populations in Minneapolis and St. Paul, liberalism abounds…You can go for a month without seeing sunshine; freezing ass cold, and the lakes are polluted but everyone is ignoring it. I lived there for 23 years; it sucked. That bridge collapsing in Mpls. was due to the govt. gambling, ( not wanting to spend the money for reconstruction;) people died for their carelessness. The ensuing propagandist coverup was repulsive.

  23. If you think it's less taxed here in WA then you should review the 'fees' we have to pay for. My 2005 motorcycle license tab was $211.76 for 2019. Besides state sales tax many areas have county, and city taxes. My driver's license was $86.30 for the next 5 years. Our gas taxes far exceed those in Oregon and we have to pump our own gas.

  24. We pay more than 7% in sales tax in Long Beach California

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