👴👵 Top 10 Worst States to Retire or be a Senior Citizen.

Top 10 Worst States to Retire or be a Senior Citizen.

What is going on everyone, welcome back to channel let’s talk about getting older. Really sort of by-product of getting older. But it is magical time that happens for a lot of Americans…. retirement. Retirements come in all kinds of forms. Normal everyday retirement you know you are 65 spent 40 years working and you saved and planned, medical retirement, forced retirement, partial retirement on and on… When this time of your life comes it is normally a welcomed big step. Most the time when people are looking to retire, they look to do it in places that are easy on the bank account, now if you were a little lucky and a lot smart price doesn’t matter. You saved and invested properly and you can spend your golden years where ever you want. But most Americans that do retire tighten the belt and relax.
The 3 main things people look for when relocating for retirement is the cost of living, amenities and health care. The other main thing people look for is close to family so there is no way to really rank that, so we’ll leave it alone. This list is about those cities that are attractive to the newly and soon to be retired.
Whatever your retirement situation is, I am sure at least one of these could work for you.
So, sit back and watch my top 10 best cities for retirement in the United States.

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  1. This is why I now live and beautiful Puerto Plata Dominican Republic two blocks away from the Atlantic Ocean with a mountain view 4500 square foot house that cost me $1,000 a month for everything including utilities and it's fully furnished life is so fabulous here oh my God I love it so you people in United States can have the crime the shootings the car chases the helicopters flying over your houses at night but I'm living my best life ever here in the beautiful Dominican Republic and I'm so happy and I moved here from Las Vegas in 2018 I finally found peace on Earth

  2. I don't like the mean lady with the dog

  3. LOL, I just turned 57, have lived in upstate NY since 1993. I wholeheartedly agree with your video. However, my adult son has autism, and NYS takes pretty good care of their disabled. So here I am. Taxes, crime, weather, and all.

  4. I thought Massachusetts was number 1..it's so freaking expensive to live here

  5. all states run by the dems

  6. Missouri didn't make the cut? They don't call it fly over country for nothing you know, summers are boiling hot and extremely humid, winters are just frigid ass cold with snow and ice thrown in for good measure. Oh and lest I forget there is nothing to do here not even one good restaurant.

  7. I love your videos. I just watched them for year smart ass snarky remarks. You never cease to amaze. You never cease to surprise. And you're a fellow SoCal native on top of it. Redondo Beach?

  8. Oregon and Antifa, and liberals, should be number one! Send those punks to the heartland and we’ll kick their ass!

  9. 4:15 just finished my microwaved sunday dinner. Senior disount here? Yes, please RSVP. Seriously good video for us Senior AARP members. Yes Briggs we lived in MN; in Winter! Yep. Don't recommend for oldsters. Stay well eh?

  10. California  is just too expensive. I used to live in a 55 plus community in California and everyone is selling their homes and trying to move to another state.

  11. You seem to think it funny to make fun of those who are senior citizens. Most young people do, they don't realize that it is the inevitable even for the young. I am looking for good advice not demeaning jokes. I'd think that with sun reflecting off the snow would require sunscreen, and sun glasses.

  12. How about,instead of a skeleton doing karate,you have two,disco dancing!

  13. Is it just me, or does this dude sound similar to Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory?

  14. it's a 50-way tie, they all suck

  15. Oregon is the greatest state in the union

  16. I'm retired and live in Hellinois and i love it here. I tried Arizona and Colorado and South Dakota but I like Hellinois much better. 🌞

  17. I live that you have to stop to give people time to talk shit on dems lol

  18. Some people go to Slab City in California.

  19. A+++ on the research Mr. "B"

  20. It's not just the RAIN , in Oregon …. it's the accompanying GLOOM for 9 months …

  21. Liberals run these states and ruin everything they touch

  22. I Totally Agree about California. My retirement income is $5200 take home and pay $750/mon for shit hole room and yet i eat beans+rice mostly for my 2 meals/day. Most of my $$$ goes to debt, taxes, insurance, gas and uealth care. All my friends have moved already.

  23. Now I wonder how PA ranks ..

  24. Do you have a video on best places to retire? The is a magazine about where to retire.

  25. MN is not called “Minnesota nice” for nothing ………and that’s in just about EVERY area of social involvement, and even when your driving your car in Minneapolis!
    Health Care is AMAZING; Mayo and a very high ranking VA Hospital in St Paul.
    For us, living near the MN/Iowa state line does seem to provide us with milder temps and less snow than “in the cities” or up around Duluth!
    Cost of living is GREAT here, as in most of your smaller towns ( 30,OOO and below). With all that’s provided in this town no one, for sure, is going to go without food……..and prices are very good at a variety of stores and lots of great fast foods ( yeah CULVER’S!). 👍
    In our town of 25,OOO, we have a very low crime rate. That’s not saying we don’t have problems, but we could walk anywhere in this town, day or night, and feel safe.
    Granted, it DO GET COLD! But that’s where a fireplace or glass door wood burning stove adds lovely ambiance and some extra warmth.

  26. New York, Oregon, Washington, Illinois, Maryland and California. States I've already visited and decided against.

  27. I don't know what could be bad about it. I love it! It's my favorite state, especially century city, belair, and beverly hills.

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